Matchday thread 28/6/20

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    Frustratingly, the only involvement I would have had was Rodrigo de Paul who would probably have given me some decent cap app in view of the matrix announcement with his customary 20 crosses, but hes suspended so there'll be no PB for me today. Plenty of FA cup involvement though so perhaps a chance at MB

  • @MickTurbo
    Surprise that Micky T, I thought you would hold at least a couple of the big hitters from Atalanta, Inter and/or Real Madrid. Hope I'm not prying but intrigued to know where your money being going of late?

    For me, hoping for a decent showing from Hakan, T Hernandez, Di Lorenzo, Insigne, Milik, Gosens, Malinovsky, Pasalic and G Moreno.

    As a Kluivert holder, I'll also be keeping an eye on the Roma line up. After not featuring at all last time out despite 5 subs being used, if he's not involved today I suspect he's off.

  • @MickTurbo
    Yea another barren day for me too ahead 😏

    Hopefully Kroos isn't on the bench again but if he's is then that's me done. Not playing till 9pm though so it could be all over by then anyway, the way my luck with Messi is going last few games πŸ™ˆπŸ˜‚

  • @Vaughany Theres a handful I'd like to hold from the clubs you mention and I was gonna buy them, particularly the Atalanta and Inter boys but had a couple of reasons for holding off.

    From the Seria A players i do hold, it's been very obvious that I can buy in further down the line for cheaper because I have some excellent PB players like Pulgar and De Paul who kept dropping despite the return, and young transfer spec players like Chiesa and Luca Pell who similarly were dropping so it has seemed that there was just no interest at present do instead I've recently been buying ahead of the curve elsewhere. As for Real Madrid, I've moved Rodrygo on for decent profit and also sold Valverde with a view to getting back on board further down the line

  • I don't currently hold any of my beloved Hornets (hoping to time my entry back into a Sarr holding soon though) so my involvement today is limited to:

    Vinicius Junior (played well last game, hoping for more today)
    Alessandro Bastoni (one of my long term hopes but he's having a tough time since the restart)
    Mattias Svanberg (a speculative hold this young Bologna midfielder but has had an awful season!! Very highly thought of by Sweden though)

  • @Vaughany apparently kluivert was injured last game. Move looks unlikely to me, but hopefully he'll start and impress today.

  • @Notanyoldnewuser
    Cheers. He was on the bench last week so if he was injured it must only be a niggle. Fingers crossed he starts although not expecting much if he does, tough fixture today.

  • Need to keep this brief, zero sleep after yesterday's excitement over my Β£1.18 IPD dividends haul! (not really, worked nights and walked dog this morning).

    My holds: Parejo, Ramos, Varane, Hazard, Hateboer, Castagne, De Roon, Gomez and Asamaoh?.

    Think I have bought my full allocation of Hazard, time for him to perform! Parejo/Gomez always in with a good chance of PB. Ramos to hopefully continue his scoring run.

    Today's free to air game is at 17:30.


    The mighty Toon to shock Man City and beat them 2-1 with an ASM winner (sorry for the spoiler, still worth watching!).

    Right!, bed time, good luck all on another fine gold matchday πŸ‘

    Edit: Newcastle game at 18:30, not 17:30.

  • A lot of players involved today. I had a nice PB win with Luis Alberto yesterday, so hoping my luck continues.

    Best chance at PB for me I'd say are...

    DEF - Di Lorenzo/T. Hernandez
    MID - LoPell/Orsolini
    FWD - Hazard

  • A Michael Obafemi hat-trick and boss midfield performance from Ronaldo Vieira is all I ask! Oh and Svanberg as others have mentioned too. Looking forward to seeing all three of them at the Euros!!!

    Good luck traders!

  • Just hojbjerg and Dzeko for me just I probably won’t be checking the live rankings much

  • I think my only Major hold for today is Orsolini.

    More interested in seeing Gilmour/Pulisic/James play in the FA cup though.

  • Ceballos and Tierney saving their good performances for non PB games, cheers lads, fuckin smashing

  • This is a long, slow Gold day. Mostly bored rather than excited. I am working later, does anyone on here know of a way to listen to the Real Madrid game online or radio? Suppose I could stream match on Navscore and just listen but is there a better way?

  • @MickTurbo
    Infuriating. GWG for Ceballos too. He's a long term hold but would be nice to see some returns from him before the season ends.

  • @Vaughany at least he looks like returning MB divs mate. I said I'd have a shot at MB today from my FA cup players, @ScouseSte


  • @MickTurbo well in mick lad πŸ‘πŸ»

  • Just noticed no Foden again. Pep is a fucking arse piece! He does it in spite of the fans, you just know it.

  • @ScouseSte I'd rather see Foden rested today, league title decided, surely he'll be rotated in mid week

  • @MickTurbo said in Matchday thread 28/6/20:

    @ScouseSte I'd rather see Foden rested today, league title decided, surely he'll be rotated in mid week

    Actually yea. A PB game is better than this! What was i thinking?

    Although that game is against my beloved Reds 😯

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