After last year div rise

  • So I join just before the div rise last year and when the div rise got announced and after it got put in place in October I think youth players and no pb league players dropped and were stagnant for a while while everyone wanted on players
    Can people see that happening again as this time the announcement is before the season so the kids still got pre season

  • @R2d2 hard to call, won’t be much of a preseason for the kids to impress in this year.
    Can’t imagine there’ll be any club tours to USA Asia or any country being affected by Covid

  • Yes Id argue its already is happening tbh.

    As someone with a whole port built around young talent with future potential for CA I see it happening as we speak.

    Money is being pulled out and put into the top dogs, once the top dogs fill up everybody will start looking at young talent again, just like last time.

    Do what you will with this info.

  • last year the div rise was absorbed by the current traders pretty much on the day... this one needs to be bigger than the current market to allow the market to grow for longer

  • The difference is the lack of IS is still creating massive uncertainty in many players. Buying youth is still one of the safest investment strategies on The Dex (copyright @MickTurbo) so I don't expect a fall, I just expect a pause as people plow into top end dividend earners and then the youth trend resumes a little later.

    It was once called a "bubble" but in a market where the older your investment is, the less valuable, it's not a bubble at all. It's a solid tactic 😉

  • Yeah can see the usually pb winners rising slowly till the announcement and if it's a big rise in divs then shooting up leaving the youngest behind, but the youth always follow eventually

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