Adam Lallana - Chances for place in England World Cup Squad?

  • Interested in what people think Adam Lallana's chances are of a spot on the plane to Russia?

    He's still trying to fully recover from his hamstring injury, with a set back as he limped off against Palace last month, wants to get back into Klopp's plans should Liverpool make it to the Champions League Final (Although it's unlikely he'd be anywhere near ready to start). A goal threat for England on his day, but could prove to be too much of a gamble for Southgate, especially with the backlash he'd receive for not giving younger and more in form players a chance.

    Was as high as £1.80 back in January, now at £1.40, could see a drop down to £1.00 over the summer should he not be included in the WC Squad. (Of course any Transfer Speculation could change that).

    Maybe a good investment for next season when he's back to full fitness?

  • If you think that he’s going to drop to £1, why would you buy in at £1.40? Don’t take this as a blunt response as it’s not, I’m just wondering your thinking that’s all.

    I’ve also put him on my watch list alongside some other injured players who’s prices have dropped since their injuries, so I’m interested in your thoughts regarding Lallana. I’d be surprised if he makes the plane as Southgate can’t possibly take a guy who’s played about 5 minutes this year - people are saying Wilshere might not make it as he’s not played enough yet he’s had a decent run of matches until last week.

  • @Golfing-Grandad I think the point he was making was IF he doesn't make the world cup squad then he'll drop to £1. But the thread was asking what everyone thinks of his chances to make the squad. Me personally I think his recurrence of his injury has come at the wrong time and he won't be going through lack of fitness. Just my thoughts though.

  • I think he price reflects thats its unlikely. I'd say he needs to be on the pitch by the end of the month to have a good change. Im sure Southgate would love a fit AL on the plane. Dont see much of a drop in him even if he doesnt go. £1.80 - £2.00 if he makes the squad IMO.

  • I dont see how he gets in, he hasn’t been fit all season.

  • Southgate obviously likes him, but still injured and unlikely to get any Liverpool starts (maybe the odd cameo). So remote chance of going to WC. That’s my view, I bought for his latest comeback and sold with small profit during th very brief comeback match...

  • I think Lallana has a great chance of getting on the plane.... We go on and on about players being 'tired' when it comes to these big competitions but when a player hasn't played enough we then question 'fitness'... What are we saying??? play players that have only played 30 games in a season??

    Southgate likes Lallana which is probably why he picked him for the last lot of friendlies and if he goes i presume he'll have to play his way in the team first but he offers England a bit of inventiveness and guile which is important as the side now tries to keep the ball as much as possible.

    I actually think Southgate has around 19/20 of his players sorted.. It's just those finishing touches now but a bigger question for me on whether Lallana goes is will he take Joe Gomez who he obviously rates in a back three (despite him not being his clubs first choice) or will he opt for Trent Alexander Arnold who's getting rave reviews even though England have two capable right sided players in Trippier & Walker whilst even Ashley Young can cover that position?

    I like Lallana and if it's a choice of him, Wilshere or Shelvey for example i stick with Lallana. England don't need radical changes to the side we've got as it's very much a work in progress so by taking someone that slots into the Southgate philosophy whether he's had games or not is perfectly fine with me.

    More to the point he was our best player in France. I think similar performances will see a steady rise in FI value whilst he might be one to watch next year too?

  • I drafted mine out to my mates whatsapp group earlier below... this is not my choice but what i think Southgate will do....





    I think Hart will get the nod over Pope and maybe Mawson over a Phil Jones/Smalling but the last place for grabs and you could include Lallana in this would be for the final midfield slot? Looking at the Telegraph i've overlooked Welbeck so perhaps room to squeeze him in somehwere as he's never let England down??

  • If Southgate a holds on his promise to take the in form players then he's gotta take Pope. I think personally I'd pick Pickford, but Nick Pope is definitely the only one of the 4 in good form recently.

  • tricky one... we all know managers have to say they pick on form, but this can become contradictory when they pick an old favourite for example who's not playing that great? For example he loves Livermore but does he really deserve to be on the plane should he get relegated with West Brom? Back to my initial point should Gomez (or even Lallana) go if they are not playing for their teams?

    I think sometimes you have to look beyond a bit of temporary form for the better dynamics of the team and in the goalkeeper situation... no more than two have ever played in a tournament at one time for England... so the third choice shouldn't matter too much? I think he'll go Hart because Southgate is a good man, Hart is a good pro and he'll be good to have around providing valuable experience on the training ground to the two above him in the pecking order... But if Pope goes i'm fine with that too.... I certainly wouldn't lose any sleep over it because it won't effect the team as like you say.. I think he'll start with Pickford.

  • Was reading up on Lallana being in South Africa seeing a specialist and busting a gut to be fit! I think Southgate wants him there....England need players that can unlock defences.

  • Nah wouldn't take him there are better form midfielder's ! I would like to see some passionate players shelvey deserves a place in the sqaud he learnt his trade from Gerrard and he ain't afraid of a hard challenge, loftus cheeck deserves his chance! Get rid of the old guard and give some overlooked player's a chance some fighter's!

  • See the media buzz at 17.00 daily mirror. "southgate will wait till last minute for lallana".

  • @Mazza-magic Shelvey is lethargic and lazy off the ball. Great as long as you're in possession but adds nothing in a defensive aspect. He's abg lad and can tackle but doesn't have the positioning to get near anything. I'd take an unfit Lallana before him in my opinion. He's not a rounded enough player unless you're gonna play him off the strikers and put two workers behind him

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