Saint-Maximin - how far can he go?

  • Is he worth keeping or cashing in to invest elsewhere?

  • @PMurph I think it's a hard one to answer, anything can happen in football and he has looked good recently. Hard to do it with every trade but most of the time I ask myself if I would buy the player at that price right now if I was buying new shares that tends to give me the answer. If it's a no, I get out. If it's a yes then tend to leave it.

  • I would say keep. I still think this takeover is going to get passed and if it does you would think st max will be the main beneficiary. If the saudi’s plough a lot of money in then he will be playing with a higher quality of player and could take off. All ifs and buts but more of an upside than downside for me.

  • He didn't have his best game tonight against Man City but he is by far and away our best player. When this takeover is eventually completed he will immediately jump in price so would be silly selling up now. He will be a mainstay in the side through this whole period and once surrounded with other quality players his PB output will increase massively. Can also see him being media friendly too as he is a bit of a character, very active on social media, the gucci headband etc. I would not even rule him out eventually breaking into the French squad.

    In the unlikely event the takeover is rejected, he will be signed by a bigger club regardless as he is too good for us.

  • Thanks, that's really helped, just trying to work out where I can get some liquidity in my port but I'll look elsewhere as I'm not thinking of topping up on him haha

  • He's a long-term hold for me. One of only 6 players in my 19 man port who is in the green.

  • The next Zaha 😉 if gets snapped up by a bigger club, with higher calibre players around him will be 🚀🚀🚀

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