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  • Hi guys,

    Just wanted to ask what other people's experience is with getting bids matched. Lets say a player has a sell price of 1.75 and buy price at 1.90 and my bid at 1.80 hasn't been accepted for a good 5-6 hours. If I think the price is rising and I want the player, am i better off cancelling the bids and upping it to .81 or .82 or even a bit higher at .84 or I am better off waiting and keeping my place in the cue of bids? Is an unmatched mid usually a liquidity problem (I usually trade sub £2.50 players) or a question of being too tight with my bids? also, am I right in thinking the sell price is decided by the three highest current bids, and if so, then why would it make sense bidding any higher than say 1.76? Using the same imaginary player as example, you could often see £1.81 as the quick sell price even when the top three bids constitute a £1.75 sell price... I can't seem to wrap my head around why this is. any input or response would be hugely appreciated! still trying to wrap my head around the intricacies of the matching system :'D

  • @NewUser610198 Its a card game depending on the player ofc.

    So many variables, however there is the chance of getting some steals.

    What price someone bought at, how much profit they are in and how desprate they are for the money/to get out the hold and how many people are looking to part with the shares comes into play.

    Ive been lucky, however i still have bids just sitting for the same player I bagged 300 shares in within a few days. Not to bothered as im not that bothered if I get them or not and I have really low bids in.
    I only want them if I can get them dirt cheap if im honest, not to bothered otherwise.

  • @NewUser610198 it’s very slow to get bids accepted at the moment. I’ve had the top bid and gone days without anyone accepting it. And on multiple players. I think a lot of other ppl are finding this frustrating and are buying players at market value. I guess ppl don’t need to sell cheap at the moment.
    I believe the sell price is the average bid amount of the top 300 bids. May be wrong tho.

  • @NewUser610198

    IS price is average of top 300 bids. If you are seeing a higher IS price available than this then I guess you already hold this player and are topping up. The higher IS price if you check how much you are offered for 1 share is the highest bid, not the average bid. Depending on if you have 300 shares or not you can test out what price you are offered for 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200 etc. Doing this gives you information about the other bidders and what the other bids are. Then you can decide what you want to offer.

  • @NewUser610198 I went into much more details recently on another thread. Took me awhile to find it but if you scroll back through the "ME bids accepted" thread 21 days ago there was quite a lot of dialogue you may find useful.

    Edit: Post 545 and that vicinity in that thread.

  • i spent all day yesterday testing the bidding market on players in my port.

    If bidding on a player you hold, go look at the depth of IS bids (click on sell and itl show you the total sale amount depending how many shares you pretend you want to list)- this helps you work out a price that would be under the top IS but included in the top 300 bids.

    Some bids went really quick yesterday, all under the top IS- i dont think there is a lot of depth out there currently. But after those bids were matched some showed the IS drop significantly- this doesnt mean you bidded too high though, as ive joined the lower bids and they just havent been accepted, so sellers are waiting for better deals

  • @NewUser610198 my experience at the moment with bidding is that the bid norma
    lily goes through quickly if accepted and if it doesn't within 10 minutes I just keep upping the bid slightly not easy I know but just have to keep trying to get best profit buy you can hope this helps

  • If the players price is rising, the chances are traders wont be ISing and the ME bids will also be rising thus moving your ME bid price down the pecking order. A bit like having a player up for sale in the queue that no one wants to buy (youll be waiting a long tome potentially based on the players situation at that time.

    A good strategy is a look for players that you are interested in that are involved in a match, such is the fickle nature of traders on here, there is usually a few prepared to IS off as soon as it looks like that players is not going to win the PB divs.

    As people have alluded to above, if you already own shares in that player, it makes it easier to look at the depth of the top 300 bids against that player - if the players Sell price is shown as £2.00 but the bid for the highest 1 share is £2.50, this implies that within the bottom end of those range of 300 shares being bid on there are bids well below £2.00, so in this instance, putting a bid in on or slightly below the "shown" sell price can prove successful.

  • @NewUser610198 said in Getting bids matched:

    If I think the price is rising and I want the player

    It's clearly going to be harder to buy a player that is rising at a discount because by definition his price is rising due to demand>supply (more buyers than sellers). My best ME bargains are those where few others are buying, so any sellers have few options if they want/need to IS. I recently picked up a few hundred Jonas Hofmann of BMG at 45p he then won a silver day, returning 10p (4PB, 4 Star + 2IPD) & was topping PB again when I sold for 70p, of course the timing was extremely fortunate but 75%+ ROI on the trade, in less than a month just shows what's possible. He was largely a forgotten man when I bought him but his great on field & PB performances, in just a couple of post purchase games, & topping PB/Star man threw him into the spotlight & suddenly reignited demand in him.

    You really need to consider the liquidity &/or popularity of any player when placing a bid; Top 200 players with tight spreads are likely to avail only small discounts via ME, so is it worth saving say 2-5% (& risk missing the price entirely) if you think they might rise further in the short term? Whereas 50p - £1 players that currently have large spreads, & offer the prospect of far greater discounts due to the lack of current liquidity, but if you are buying a long term hold it is probably worth waiting to achieve a 30% discount, as any planned exit point is usually several months/years away (so current liquidity is irrelevant.)

    Every trade is different & luck can come into play but if you desperately want a player it makes little sense to risk missing them entirely just to save a few pence but if a large potential discount is possible it's often worth the wait. With the current state of the market, even after the positive announcement, there are far more bargains available than we have spare funds, so even if you miss out there will be several more along shortly, so patience will often pay dividends quite literally in some cases!

  • also starting to use a marker bid. 1 placed bid near the current IS, when they match, i then check the new IS and the new depth- becoming quite fruitful.

    As when we see 300 IS shares available it can give the opinion that the buy queue is long, but ive found some popular players to still have very little depth in bids. Once my bids go through il share some examples.

  • Wow thanks everyone for the detailed responses. That's definitely clarified a few things for me. I think my approach will be to keep bidding without emotion and hunting for what i consider to be good deals. and if I miss out on a player, more opportunities will come. I guess it makes sense to invest the cash in my balance wisely and with patience given the way the market is now outside of the top 100.

  • Also it’s worth factoring in people will start to try and build a cash balance ready for the div announcement; so I’m looking at players who are on a slight decline that I see value in placing bids hoping to catch those jumping off to get on board the FOMO train which happens with every announcement

  • @Valhalla ive had a mixed bag, some quick, some slow some none at all. Nothing on kluivert but got a few cengiz unders cheap, lewandowski just over 2 quid. Trying to get a bunch of pedro really cheap as i fully believe he can get good pb scores under fonseca at roma, he will fit perfectly into romas style of forward play. I love ME when buying but also slightly wary of whst fi want to do to fix the problem of selling. Nobody buying market price on too many, however im building to a 3 year hold so not worrying too much on that score right now

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