Transfers during the world cup

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    @SMacFI not sure your point, but excellent keep up the profit!
    My point remains if trfs happen during the world cup I think they will not incur the normal rise at the time.

    You will have to help me out with TRF's this is a term am not familiar in. But in reference to the part of your post about getting stuck with junk , I have warned against people buying over inflated players purely for a few 4p dividend that will get swallowed up if even win by any player trying to exit them. And instead advised people if your a low end of the market invester like me avoid rkthe WC and jump strait to the next big trend the transfer market which you mentioned, however passifically free transfers as they simply will happen and will cause by far the most rumoures and as we all know England can afford to blow anyone out the water with wages, more so if no transfer fee is required. If this is still off topic apologies but your post has went over my head if this is the case

  • @SMacFI Ok TRF = Transfer

    Ok this sounds like sound advice... There's junk in my eyes all over the market both big and small... Not going to name names but people will own these players. I think some people will be in for a shock with some of the top 10/20 players.

    Not sure any free transfer (excluding maybe Balotelli) and the rumours will affect the market that much in Media buzz terms as the majority won't get in the top 200. The ones with links to a decent PB team though or if one of those players ends up with those links and they could fly. Feel the Youth will be a factor here evan if the players lacks skills or potential.

    You may be sick of typing responses to people like me but I think you're missing my point and seeing it as an attack on your strategy. Which is a little confusing as basically everyone has made a very very nice profit over the last 12 months.

    During the actual World Cup, not the run-up or the period after although might want to add a week either side. I don't see the small transfers between clubs getting the traction as people will be preoccupied with the World Cup. If this is not your opinion well we will see during the world cup what happens still got 2 months and a couple of cycles to go.

    If we still not on the same page think we on a differing view during the period of mid-June and July for the Market.

    In regard to Jovic i got in on that shout purely due to his age and all the rave reviews about his potential/ FM wonderkid and actually playing a key component for me and you was the initial guy that brought this to my attention. So cheers.

  • Ok I have re read your enital message a few times now and again after this post, clearly I think I have been miss reading it, and the last time round thought you was meaning the effect of the low end of the market, on reading it again I see no real mention of that so apologies I think I am either losing the plot or just simply misunderstood what you meant. Players don't need to qualify for MB to see price gains as we have seen some huge gains in the squad list so this is irelavant to getting a good rise out of players that are under valued. Again apologies if your meaning MB on the low end of the MB scale of players that qhalify. I think we might have to admire defeat on this soon. It probably hasn't helped I can be a lazy reader at times and not had time to read all the other replies which might have made this a lot simplier. Glad to hear though some positive feed back on a early shout that's benefited someone else as well as myself .

  • Oh and %100 there's what I would call a lot of over priced junk for different reasons weather that be the risk Vs reward or the time Vs the reward are the 2 biggest factors in my eyes, but that's a whole different conversation

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