Anyone tried accessing the FI app in a country outside the UK?

  • Possibility of getting out to Greece end of next month and wondered if I will still have access to the app (just not be able to buy/sell). Just so i could see how the portfolio is looking etc.

    Anyone had any experience? Cheers.

  • @JonesyFI-WH The app won't work (presuming same issues with most European countries I've been on business) but just log in through your browser.

  • I logged in a few times by mistake it did work for me

  • Heard using a VPN allows you through.

    Im off to Zante in 4 weeks time, but I'm going to use it as 2 weeks off and just forget about the Port.

    Was due to go to Egypt but got cancelled, TUI gave us an extra £500 as an incentive to re-book so we going to a couples only pad in Greece - looks amazing too. Just gonna switch the work phone and laptop off and also log off to the world for 2 weeks.

  • I'm not sure if it's just buying/selling that's against the rules whilst in a different country or if it is accessing your account too...proceed with caution!

  • I used it in Croatia every day for 2 weeks last year. Just used a VPN... i know we are not allowed to trade abroad...but id see the VPN as a loop hole... plus my VPN in england pings me around the whole world day to day and have never had a problem- so rarely does it show me as trading in UK. Im sure i raised this as a concern with FI last year and didnt hear anything back as didnt want any issues about my VPN showing me as in Germany when im really in England trading etc.

  • My app has never worked when abroad. Can log on via the full site. Just don't trade! I only really went on here to have a bit of daytime reading whilst at the side of the pool!

  • @JonesyFI-WH As others have said, browser works, app usually blocked. Remove any players from sell queues before you depart as if they sell you may be in violation of game rules.

  • Thanks all. Especially @Martyn-B for thinking of something I would’ve definitely forgotten to do 👍🏻

  • Can’t believe so many people are openly admitting to using a VPN to login on this FI forum...

  • I'm pretty sure just logging in is frowned upon in the T's & C's, someone dug out a screenshot on here a while ago. I know people have gotten around this, but now they are tier one/top shelf, they may be more vigilant.

  • @Jimbob in fairness it’ll probably be good to not refresh my port every 20 minutes!

    So think I’ll just leave fully alone to be sure!

  • @JonesyFI-WH it's a proper test of willpower. Two weeks in Tenerife last September/October when the market was dropping hard, still read the forums each day to get a rough idea of what was happening. Can still go on the website without logging in I believe, then at least you can see prices.

  • imagine have a 100k port and relocating abroad for work.... how'd that work?

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