ME Has Caused Tight Spreads Again in Some!

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    An IS at just 1p below MB? What will it be like when Offers (Sell Orders) come in? It looks like it'll be great for the platform. Granted, players like ASM are very liquid, but surely FI are moving in the right direction?

  • It’s inevitable. We’ve had people putting in some offensive bids and those desperate to get our or move to the next rise will reluctantly take some of them. That was always going to happen having the buy side of bids only.

    The announcement yesterday on the sell side and the confidence that’s come from the Matrix fix and Div rise has and will continue to tighten spreads. The platform will thrive and go from strength to strength. I have NO doubt in my mind these are exciting time’s for all on FI. And even more so for those that got some bargains through people’s fear of a poor few weeks. I lost about 2-3% over that period. Sold nothing and now I’m 5% up. The money was there. It was just in cheeky bids.

    Cheeky bids will be non existent once FOMO and Sell orders come in. Why would you bid for someone when you can clearly see a price someone will immediately accept or the price is rising by a penny every few minutes. You just won’t. Unless you want to miss out of course.

  • The money never left FI. Testament to that is that with all the recent rises the footie barely moved.
    And I suspect there is still a bit more trapped on bids and sitting on cash balances because I haven't fully recovered my losses

  • I'm sure in a years time we will remember this initial phase of ME fondly. "Hey, remember when you could buy half the market at a 20% discount or greater? Those were the days"...

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