James Rodrigues

  • A bit surprised at how much James Rodrigues has dropped considering he's in the champions league semi, has a world cup coming up and regularly wins PB. Anyone know why he may be dropping so much.

  • The whole footie is down on last week... Of the top ten highest valued players only Pogba is up... So it's not just a James thing.... As i've previously said today this is probably just a market adjusment ahead of the season end after the recent highs of a lot of new investment. All good markets rise and fall and rise again.... Don't panic!!!

  • @NewUser96178 probably the same reason as all the other players but nobody really knows exactly why.

  • Yeah Thanks. I'll try not to press the instant sell to hastily. Lots of the players in this bracket seem to have dropped sharply.

  • @NewUser96178 Rodriguez will definitely go up sooner or later. The lad is class. If anything these are the times you buy more. Not sell.

  • Also Columbia got a faourable group in the WC... Someone mentioned Cuadrado and I think he'll have a good comp with one or two others in the squad.. Based on PB scores James is certainly worth looking at!

  • Cuadrado is only 91p.
    Fantastic price

  • @Comrade Yup I mention him on a post, i seriously cant understand why he is so cheap, surely people will cotton on to this soon, if you want to invest in a player thats not been effected buy a price rise with a good strong PB record you could do a lot worse than him

  • Definitely worse gambles but don't see where you've got Cuadrado's PB info from? Not scored over 150pts in 2018 and never won a PB as far as I'm aware? @Noirx4 might be able to confirm, plus he'll be competing with Rodriguez for PB

    But could well see a price increase, Colombia 'should' cruise through their group.

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