• I have a port of 52 players mostly strong PB performers with a few young potentially explosive kids as well as some established older top players ie Messi and Lewandoski .
    So a very good mixed port .
    It is valued at £14000 to sell at market price .
    However it would only be worth £11700 less 2% commission if I wanted to sell up now.
    My cheapest hold is 43p . I only have 3 players under 80p. My point is surely we can’t seriously value our port on the blue button price anymore.
    I would not be able to market sell more than a handful of my holds even allowing for a decent timescale . I am going to value my port at the red button price from now on .
    I assume once we have full order books in place FI will value our port as a midpoint between buy and sell. It’s not important unless you actually want to cash in but I’m surprised how big the difference is between buy and sell . It was less when the ME first came in . People are really looking for massive value and very cheeky low bids at the moment .
    Just wondered how other users ports varied in price between red and blue button price .

  • This is such weird timing considering there was just another post with the exact opposite sentiment and people seem to be in agreement that the gap between market price and ME sell is narrowing.
    It will likely narrow even more when the 2% commission takes effect at the end of July.

    I don't really think about my port value in exact terms, but I do understand the frustration some people feel.

  • @DillyDong I think it is narrowing at the top but certainly not on anyone below a couple of pound .
    As for the commission surely the gap will widen as people buying will bid at least 2% less than they currently are .

  • The moment ME was live everyone’s portfolio dropped . I’ve tried selling some of my players via MS and only managed to sell Havertz. No one in there right mind would pay full price when they can bid lower using ME. The ones who managed to sell a big percentage of their ports before ME was introduced and then build it back up using ME will be better off

  • @Spot-the-value. I thought the idea with the 2% commission was that it would drive more people to market buy instead of always using the bidding system? And if there's more people market buying, then you can sell your shares at market price quicker and there's less people accepting low ball bids out of desperation. Honestly, I haven't looked too much into it so I may be wrong on that, but that's what I gathered from skim-reading other forum posts.

  • Will people not just bid 2% lower than they do now to allow for commission?

  • @DillyDong it will on players where the bid price is very close to the market buy price . But these are few and far between out of the 3k plus players on the index . The commission will further push bids down I am sure on 99% of players. We need sell orders to narrow the gap and create a sensible market driven price. At the moment buyers are King of the index .

  • Exactly this. Your port has lost its value over night.

    When purchasing you could yourself could put cheeky bids in which should even things up.

    However, you might not have any liquidity because you have money tied up in a player who nobody wants to go near as spreads have widened and IS option has been taken away.

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