Can someone please explain Kylian Mbappe heavy rise?

  • The guy never wins dividends, he doesn’t score highly on the PB matrix, he’s not that ‘hot’ even in the European what’s going on???

    This isn’t ‘football manager’! I know he’s a great player, I had him in my portfolio for months last summer into autumn and he was hardly amazing as a hold. True I made Over 15% on selling him, but I can’t understand his continued rise. Neymar in my opinion is nearly twice the player and is the true king of the index. Always scores highly in both PB and the media also. Why is mbappe more than Neymar?????? Thoughts?

  • The fact he is 21 maybe and has the potential to be the best player in the world when the others depart?????

    I may add I have had a few drinks.

    Plus with a Euros coming up and the fact he practically won the WC for France in 2018.............

  • @trig good for you trig! Enjoy your evening 🥳 personally, I still have yet to see the same quality from him that Messi, Ronaldo or even Neymar showed at the same age. I think that even Rooney was even better than Mbappe at the same age. There are many, and I mean MANY players who have the potential to be the next ‘big thing’. Zaniolo immediately springs to mind and Kai Havertz also. Who knows. One broken leg and there goes the dream. Good luck to those that hold. I’m sticking with Neymar personally as he still has 4 seasons at the very top 👍🏼

  • @Sol To answer your question, i think hes been rising because people have been buying, I'm not sure though may need double checking 😜. All in seriousness, hes probably got the potential to be one of the best players in the world and his PB could improve as years go on but as you say hes poor PB wise right now. In terms of FI he probably shouldn't be even near £6-7 truth be told however, hes an absolute dream player for FI. The amount that will have been traded in and out of him over the last year or two alone and hardly any divs paid out at all. Doubt he will move in the summer but does have euros so I expect his price to steadily increase between now and then believe it or not. I'm not sure how right I am but does feel like a few new people have joined last month or two and there is alot of FOMO going on at mo.

  • He is one that seems to do better when teams are not playing, after a few games people get a reminder that even if he scores a couple of goals he'll still be left wanting in a race to the PB divs.

    There are 2 things he has in this favour though
    If FI do change the PB matrix in 21/22 to enhance goal scorers.
    The MB from his transfer and when it opens up abroad.

    H strikes me as being the type of player who will be on the decline from around the age of 24 as a lot of his game relies on his explosive power and pace.

  • It's a strange one. I've had a number of shares in him for ages. I bought shares in him at £5.40 and more at £6.26, however in the 12 months plus that I held those shares I only received £2.60 in dividends. Yes his value rose to current £10.50, but I finally decided to get out yesterday and sold the lot for £10.46 share.

    I think in order to be a real dividend earner he'll need to be in the premier league and the main man. I see him at Real Madrid next though.

    We'll wait and see but I'm happy with my decision.

  • Potential of foreign media next season

  • He’s been picked as a 50% riser by next Summer by FI Genesis, so people are buying in.

    FI Genesis also picked him as a 100% riser last Summer, during which time he increased from just over £5 to just over £10!

    Mbappe plays for a dominant club team in a weak league and he will be playing for a dominant nation at the Euros and World Cup over the next two summers.

    Yes, his dividend returns have been poor so far, but buyers are presumably expecting his PB scores to improve as he matures as a player and his MB scores to increase if/when foreign MB outlets are added.

    Plus, because of his age and already World class status, he’s one of the few players on the Index who you can guarantee will be significantly more expensive in three years than now.

  • @Sol I think it’s foreign media, which has been overplayed. Unless a significant amount of foreign sources are added to essentially overpower uk sources it’ll still be English based winners in the main. They write about Messi and Ronaldo as do the British press and with an anticipated single name mb now it’ll be those two who are the beneficiaries.

  • @ocs123 think you've hit a key point there. Looking at PB scores for established players makes sense, but he's only 21 so is just going to get better. He'll be linked with a big transfer for as long as he is at PSG and if Neymar moves on first, his PB chances become much better. He's also likely to be a big beneficiary of foreign media being added, should that happen.

    Also when a similar thread popped up a few months ago I looked at the average PB scores of Mbappe and Sancho and they were virtually the same (I know Sancho has had a good season and I haven't checked today as I'm on the app, so he could be further ahead now) and Mbappe looks cheap in comparison to him.

    Admittedly Mbappe's PB looks poor compared to Neymar's (whose doesn't?!) but Neymar has missed a lot of games through injury, his PB is likely to diminish if he moves from PSG and his media chances would be reduced if they get rid of the single name bias.

    To be fair, there's reasons to be positive to hold either, but just wanted to put another perspective on things.

    EDIT: Per FI website, average PB scores per game over the past year: Mbappe 133, Sancho 118. Per 90 mins: Mbappe 164, Sancho 148.

  • @Sol
    Rooney Ronaldo and neymer better then Mbappé at same age. Are you having a laugh. The fella has 51 league goals in last 2 season for PSG in 49 games.
    He is after pele youngest player to score in a World Cup final and was the outstanding forward of the tournament at the age of 18 winning all sorts of accolades in the process.
    He has already finished league top scorer twice and player of the year.
    One can argue the toss at pb potential , expect his returns to improve when he plays on a team without selfish neymer taking all the touches, , in my view he flourishes with mb change as he is the most valuable player in world football today and his mb will improve with an upgrade to the current bs system but to make a real life comparison to Rooney in particular is comical , the guy is an absolute monster of a player and could not be more impressive with what he has done in his career to date. Bloody hell some idiot will be comparing him to lightweight Rashford next!
    Mbappé the World Cup winner versus neymer at last World Cup highlighted the difference , one is a team playing baller, the other a selfish egotist who spent the whole tournie on his ass crying annoying his teammates!

  • @BMCG said in Can someone please explain Kylian Mbappe heavy rise?:

    Mbappé the World Cup winner versus neymer at last World Cup highlighted the difference , one is a team playing baller, the other a selfish egotist who spent the whole tournie on his ass crying annoying his teammates!

    whilst i agree totally with the point you make above, i suspect that Neymars PB scores during that world cup would have eclipsed Mbappe's - the data is probably out there somewhere. quite possibly his MB as well.

    Also the argument that his PB will improve when he plays on a team without Neymar doesn't hold weight under the current PB matrix system when you consider the amount of times he has failed to win PB in the months Neymar has been out.

    That said, i still think he is a safe hold and will benefit from FI,s MB expansion, and i wouldnt be surprised that when they do eventually change the PB matrix, it will be more weighted towards what is after all the most important aspect of playing the game - and that is scoring goals - If that happens the he will quite rightly become the King of the index.

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