Urgent IPD question??????

  • if you sell a player then rebut him does that renew the IPD?

    I'm pretty new and I know it prob a stupid question....

    or if you buy new shares in a player do the new shares qualify?? but obvs the old one do not??

  • correct on both counts, either sell and re buy or buy more and stack up, only new shares get the ipd, but if they go and get a hat full, then they ain't gonna be too far from winning PB for which all your shares will be eligible!! which gives you a nice pay out better then you would have if you just kept selling and re buying.

    Obvs go with whichever option suits your strategy best but personally i prefer to stack on top and go for the bigger div win.

  • @trig see below mate

    New shares bought: You can earn IPDs up to 30 days once purchased, can be bought after a player has scored and still earn the dividend. Once the 30 days are up you will no longer receive IPDs. You can easily buy more or try and sell (if hopefully in profit) and rebuy back. I would advise researching a players games for the weeks ahead prior to buying for IPDs. Dont want to tell you how to trade but my advice would be try not to buy off a whim because they have scored two in one game (can work in your favour but could also be costly).

    PB: Can be earned during the 3 year life cycle for each share purchased. For the first day of the purchase, it has to be bought before 3pm to qualify. After that day has passed that player will now qualify for PB dividends going forward for each game played (if he wins 😁). Same for MB but I cant actually remember the cut off as changed recently to 8pm but think it's back to 3pm too.

    P.s. Welcome to the forum, ask any questions you may have. We were all new once!

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