IPO Preview - 1st July - We have a player!

  • Name: Edmond Tapsoba
    Club: Bayer Leverkusen
    Nationality: Burkina Faso
    Release Time: 10am-12pm
    Price Range: £1.55-£1.85

    A 21 year old ball playing centre half in one of the most friendly PB teams for centre halfs in Europe. That's got your attention hasn't it! Tapsoba joined Leverkusen in January and already has 7 games where he has racked up 90+ passes. He has adapted to Bundesliga very very well, and the fact he has become an instant starter coming from the Portuguese league speaks volumes around his ability. He has been preferred over former index darling Jonathan Tah in a few games. His PB base is impressive, but he has only topped 200 once. He was a 100% perfect penalty taker in Portugal, so that could be a potential avenue to monster scores if Leverkusen's regular takers start to falter (he may move up the pecking order when Havertz leaves). 4 total shots in 17 games since joining B04 suggests he isnt a goal threat. Overall he has been very impressive for his first half season, but he does lack a touch of pace and has had some bad games (which bundesliga defenders outside Munich don't?!?). He suits the matrix very well. He's young and has the potential to make the step to a massive club. Nationality means he'll probably be a non factor internationally.

    Again the starting price is very very high. If he starts at £1.85 he'll be the 6th most expensive Centre Half on the index!!!I don't know what FI's plan is here - this will result in very few initial buys, and people buying will be looking at a hefty spread on the sell price once things settle - so be careful. It;s such a shame and hopefully not a sign of things to come, because this IPO should have initiated a lot of interest if priced around £1 - which would have been fair imo.

    Happy shopping.

  • @FI_IPOSCOUT pretty sure he's going live this morning? ie 30 June rather than 1 July in yr title

  • Yeah he is, my bad!!

  • He's up by 7p already, WTF.

    I've watched him a couple of times whilst reviewing Havertz/Volland, looked decent but not 10p less than Harry Maguire decent...

  • Ridiculous opening price.

  • Doesn't allow bids. Tried a sneaky 105p bid in case anyone had buyers remorse but wouldn't allow it.

    Presume a holdover from no IS for IPOs

  • @FI_IPOSCOUT IMO they are trying to artificially inflate the market.

    Down the line if this young kinda untested CB is worth near £2, it kinda forces all other better CB's prices up in a way.

    Or thats FI way of seeing it imo.

    My opinion is this, hes a defender so its not worth the time/effort or the money imo.
    Defenders are the one group of players I do not bother with in the slightest.
    They never really draw any eyes to them unless they are the odd defender who can gain assists and maybe even some goals.

    Even great defenders will have trouble getting noticed UNLESS hes wining PB alot. Where as a mid or striker can lose a game but still put on a show and gain some CA for future potential PB.

    Easier money out there tbh.

  • Ridiculous opening price indeed. And poor value. Unless our div increase is mighty impressive of course...

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