Goalkeeper Value

  • The opening day of PB has certainly confirmed one thing...its virtually impossible for a Goalkeeper to win PB ahead of a Defender. Combined with the fact that the media recognition is heavily biased towards outfield players with the exception of key goalkeeping errors surely media buzz will be hard to come by as well.
    I just can't see any value in Goalkeepers at all and would expect a market drop shortly as people realise they are useless.
    Does anyone disagree or think I am missing something?

  • Value in Goalkeepers or Defenders? Well a defender is taking home highest overall buzz. Also Buffon also beat Sandro so GK can beat defenders even in same team. Luckily iv got 100 Bailly. 12% ROI in the first PB game week. Can pay off

  • Pretty much all defenders are good value at the minute, all it takes is one PB win to make a 5-10% ROI

  • My mistake, yeah I meant Goalkeepers, Buffon and Butland did disprove me after writing but i'm still not confident there will be many goalkeepers winning the PB

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