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  • At first glance, have you used the ME much? As your buy prices seem to be quite high? Nice range though, although quite PL heavy but I am too so can't knock it! I'd maybe try and condense and try and get more shares in less players

  • Haven't used ME much at all. I changed a few things in my port 2 weeks ago so some players took a little dip. Long term these players are decent holds I reckon

  • I like your portfolio, not sure about Lingard though haha.

    I'd be a bit more aggressive if i was you, 50-75 shares isn't enough to deliver you serious returns in capital appreciation, but also dividends.

    But, depends on your strategy. If you're the more cautious type, then i understand the diversification.

  • @Mr-Richard-T have a go with the ME having a look at some of the players you've bought, Ronaldo has been available for under £3 for a lot of it, Maguire £1.65-70, Pepe £2.30. Might not seem like the biggest savings but they will all add up over time

  • Forgot to add

    Started Jan 1st 2020




    plus £806 most of this through deposit bonus

  • @Meridismo04 Thanks and Lingard lol I'm hoping he gets a transfer.

    I see what your saying I like 50 as a base and might not be serious returns but I'm hopeful of some returns

    Not sure on strategy as keep changing my mind lol

  • @ChazFI123 I definitely will in the future. I think I purchased on ME when spreads were really close week or 2 ago

  • You might want to consider diversifying into other league's your port is pretty much premier league players apart from Mbappe and Neymar

  • @Mr-Richard-T

    I assume you got some profit from selling Sancho and you have reduced your average buy price a little in Pogs. The old guard on FI suggest that Rashford is a good hold, however your average buy price has gone up for him. He will probably still go up a fair bit though.

    I agree with @Advinculas-Index that you are top heavy on EPL players though. I feel that the bargains out there are in the other leagues at present.

  • @Meridismo04 I agree.

    Heart breaking to get 100% ROI and have little invested.

    My min requirements are this, atleast 400 shares/£500 invested atleast.

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