Portfolio backup/statement

  • Hi, I'm new to FI and couldn't see my question answered in another post, so sorry if it has been addressed elsewhere.
    Given the value of people's portfolios, I'm wondering if there is a way to download a statement of the portfolio on a regular basis. In other words, what happens if FI systems crash or are hacked and data destroyed? I'm a software developer and a bit obsessed with taking multiple backups of everything. I don't believe any company that tells me that they can't lose your data because their systems are so secure. You could screenshot your portfolio I suppose, but as it expands to hundreds of players that's a bit tedious. A "Download as PDF" button on the portfolio page would be ideal.
    Thanks for any replies.

  • @james162 you can download your transaction history from the website. It includes all buys and sells so it’s a lot of info.

    Haven’t done it myself

  • assuming you are on a laptop/desktop

    You can download your entire transaction history from your account page, where you make withdrawals, deposits

    Also, if you are in your portfolio, right click and select print, and you can print as a pdf

  • Thanks a lot @Gregolocky that works fine.

  • @Advinculas-Index thanks for taking the time to reply, that works brilliantly.

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