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  • Hey guys,
    Fairly new to FI. Really loving it so far.. I cant seem to find the performance data that everyone seems to talk about.. Maybe im just being think- Can someone help.
    Thanks v much.

  • @NewUser138674 You're not being thick, it's not readily available on the FI platform. There are a few places you can get it - I and I think many other traders would recommend paying £1 a month and getting the info from @Noirx4 his research seems to go above and beyond.

  • @AT10 said in Perfromance DATA:

    recommend paying £1 a month and getting the info from @Noirx4 his research seems to go above and beyond.


  • @NewUser138674 Thanks guys. Let me know if interested Ben. Email is

  • Huge thanks everyone.. I will certainly get in touch. wishing you all PROFIT!

  • I recently subscribed to this service from @Noirx4 and wanted to push this up the forum a bit.

    Finally had a chance to sit down and look through the data in detail and it is truly amazing how much time and effort must go into this (seriously it's a little worrying!)

    Massive credit to @Noirx4 for offering this out for a frankly rediculously cheap price. Anyone who isn't already subscribed and wants to take this seriously should be contacting using the above email.

  • @Ozzlebert wow thanks man. Always looking for ways to make it even better so let me know if you have any ideas.

  • @Ozzlebert Sssshhh, don't tell him it's far too cheap ;-P

  • @Blue-Python don't worry the price is staying as it is lol

  • Also interested in subscribing to his data. Will be in touch.

  • @Noirx4
    High Noirx how do you sign up, pay for it and what info do you provide?

  • @Comrade email for details on how to sign up.

    Data is in two parts (historical) pre April 6th back to nov. (Now) post April 6th and onwards.

    Historical - pb and mb scores over 100 points, dividends won. Filter by player, club, age. Treble, double, single days.

    Now - all pb and mb scores, dividends, goals, gwg, clean sheet, own goals, win/loss, base score

    Filter by player, club, age and soon nationality

  • @Noirx4

    Hi Noir,

    Just wanted ask a couple of questions about your data and PB in general if that's ok? Apologies if these are basic and obvious to some, but missed most of last season and trying to prepare for next.

    1. PB base. How is this calculated?
    2. PB. When was this introduced to FI? Nov? I can see that some players only have 1 or 2 PB which doesn't represent a good return in most cases. Or am I reading your data wrong (using the summary tab).
    3. PB payouts. Was there a payout whenever a match was taking place or only the main days? Eg, Monday/ Friday night matches as well or just Saturday/ Sunday?

  • Hi @metropolis

    Always happy to answer questions and help. So in order.

    1. In my data set pb base is calculated as

    pb score - (goals, gwg, clean sheet, win points) + (own goal, loss points) to give a base score. Hope that helps.

    1. My pb data go's back to November but pb has been around a bit longer than that pb started back in August 2017 but I didn't join the index till September and took a while to get going with the data capture. There are many players who have had only 1 or 2 pb wins. In fact the record for a player is currently held by otamendi with 7 pb wins. Now it depends what you mean by a good return. A single treble pb win on a £10 player would be a 1.2% return. Not great but better than any bank atm. Not to mention there are very few players over £10. There are some sub £1 players who have picked up a pb win or 2 and they are good value.

    2. Pb is paid out every single time there is at least one eligible game

  • 👍 Seems we replied the same time @Noirx4 😂

  • @Noirx4
    Thanks for clarifying. PB base makes sense.

    Understand the dividend structure. My feeling was that PB would offer greater rewards than MB mainly because its directly related to the players ability and performance and more difficult to win. Winning MB seems to be slightly hit and miss (winning dividends for having a tattoo or making a cynical challenge). If a player is the best performing in his position across the best 5 leagues that's quite an achievement so I imagined it would be better rewarded. Also think there should be rewards for second and third. Would this not attract more Fantasy Football users? Anyway, those are the rules I guess and we'll have to work with it.

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