• 1st post on here so apologise for any naivety / repeated questions.

    Been on FI since January with 5k spread over quite a few players. I had 100 shares in Neymar, yesterday I noticed he had shot up 40p from my buy price, not sure why? As haven’t heard media coverage plus their season was null and void. Anyway I cashed in, after commission, coming out with £25 quid, plus I think about £17 dividends, not masses but a wins a win.
    I’m now wondering if I’d be better off putting all that money on a cheaper player, say £1-£2 so I can get a lot more shares and therefore a smaller increase could earn a lot more.
    What do people think and any tips on players?

  • FI lets you play however you want which is what makes it so fun.

    You can go for more tested players who return divs and may get some CA aswell, this to me is the less risky method and come with much smaller profits.

    The other main way you can play is to Invest in solid young talent with the idea they will become or be on their way to becoming real stars with a transfer to the right club. Here you collect CA and divs hopefully along the way.
    This comes at higher risk, but much greater rewards imo, but patience is the key.

    I play this thing like a talent scount and my whole port is built around young talent I think will do well, its volitial but by god when you get it right, it pays off.

    I like a bit of risk and wanna shoot for the moon.

  • Most of the top end players are rising at the moment as a result of them announcing a PB dividend increase with details to be publicised in June, Players like Neymar, Messi, Bruno,Trent are likely to benefit from this as they tend to post high PB scores on a regular basis.

    However, the chances are that investment will soon start to trickle down to the high PB based players in the next tier down as they start to look like value, so my advice would be to look to spread your risk and perhaps invest your £1000 in 3 or 4 players who have decent base PB scores, rather than lumping it all into 1 - more potential for Cap App down at the lower end as well.

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    Don’t like it when you make sensible posts 😁

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  • There are definitely a few schools of thought on this one... With the incoming div rises there should be quite a bit of growth on many PB players over the coming months (and MB ones too)... The top end has seen some good rises, the middle and lower end should be next...
    It can certainly be more profitable to hold some of the lower price players in higher numbers as opposed to some of the more expensive players in lower numbers, but at this moment in time I would say that a mix of both approaches can serve you well... That's my strategy anyway

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