Tonight Q&A

  • What do people think will come out of tonight's Q&A

  • I can imagine there being quite a bit of "I won't share that just yet, but come to the Brummy meet and great to find out more" kind of situations. However if Adam wants to announce ways to track where you are in the sale queue and also track personnel growth on watchlist (since when you added them, how much grown etc) then they will be welcome announcements haha. Maybe a bit of information regarding WC and what they plan on doing with dividends etc?

  • Not a clue. I'm hoping to be told when there may be an increase in dividends if there is going to be one. I would also like to know whether the top players rise by 1p per 100 futures or roughly by how much. I doubt if I'll find this out though.

  • The main thing he himself mentioned so far is details about WC advertising, which won't be that interesting per se but might be good for platform confidence. Otherwise I guess it depends what people ask but I'm not expecting any huge announcements; I think they have to do that via an official channel so everyone gets it at the same time. Anyone for Adam Cole bingo? 😉I'll start it off with the obvious #OnwardsandUpwards

  • Nothing earth shattering - maybe a GK section ( kidding..).

    Adam Cole Bingo - Chalobah😆

  • I was actually contemplating coming to one of these gigs, perhaps even the Birmingham one but then I thought do I invest enough to care?

    I suppose my only question would be.... by putting in more money..... what returns can I achieve.... but I sort of know that already..... So the rest is pretty much unimportant to me other than it would be good to meet with a few like minded football fans just to put faces to names...

    Would be good to hear a few targets and expectations discussed though but I doubt they'll be any of the FI team willing to comment on that just yet???

  • @dannypea I think you're getting confused with a "Trader Meet" (there's one on 5 May) - this is just the CEO answering questions on Twitter.

  • ah right.... so even less worthwhile then????

    So more to the point..... What sort of questions should we be asking him??????????

  • Where's the Android app? For one can't be close to coming out for more then a year

  • @BL__FI said in Tonight Q&A:

    @dannypea I think you're getting confused with a "Trader Meet" (there's one on 5 May) - this is just the CEO answering questions on Twitter.

    Probs because I mentioned that there might be reference to the meet, sorry for any confusion!

  • @NewUser59855 Adam won't be able to answer that the only person who loosely could was the tech guy at London meet. And it was highly complex

  • @Noirx4 I do think you mentioned that to me before when I questioned it. Thank you again though.

  • @Noirx4 i think there will be big news tonight. Everytime Adam has done a Q&A session there were big news as far as I can remember. For example the expansion to sweden, marketing campaigns, etc.... i dont think Adam makes a session without at least one big news.

  • @Noirx4 said in Tonight Q&A:

    @NewUser59855 Adam won't be able to answer that the only person who loosely could was the tech guy at London meet. And it was highly complex

    Am I the only one who read his email yesterday it addressed the Android app!!!

  • @Chicken-Badge Noir's comment was answering the question about whether the price moves per 100 shares bought and sold, not about the app.
    And yes Adam's email did mention the Android app but it's been "coming soon" since before I joined the Index so those words don't mean much anymore!

  • @BL__FI you make it sound if you can build the app tomorrow give them a chance I'd say something that complex takes a few years to develop same as this web site and no doubt it's early days hold tight it's as they will always find something to improve

  • @Mazza-magic Well the first point I would make is that the iOS app has been around long enough, so it's doable. Maybe they have to start from scratch for the Android one, I don't know enough about the technology to say, but either way I think it's fair to question why they would keep say it's "coming soon" if it's not. I'd rather they had been honest and said "We won't have an Android app ready in the next few months", then we'd know and people would stop bothering them about it, too.

  • if anyone agrees it's worth asking to get google 2fa installed to help prevent anyone's account getting hacked then please do ask away. A single hacking especially to someone with a lot of followers on twitter could cause real market uncertainty in the product / drop in prices. I tried to ask this question on the last q & a but he ran out of time before he could get to me. : /

  • @Chicken-Badge well I might need to get in contact with then, as I have not got one and yes I checked the junk box. However after being told it was their top priority we have had PB a penny share myth new countries added and a whole heap of stuff in between!!!

  • Half of that was to be discussed in Birmingham just like I thought haha. I can’t make it so hoping we’ll be informed about what’s discussed after!

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