Gianluca Gaetano

  • I hold one share in certain players to watch or players I like who I wanted to invest in but didn't have the spare cashflow to invest. I own a share in Gianluca(9p) down and cant remember why I was so keen to follow him (any ideas). Whats your thoughts, he's 10% down now worth investing in?

  • He’s pretty highly rated but is apparently extending his loan move to Cremonese which means another year in Serie B. Much better for his development but I’d guess people are just very impatient, hence the price drop.

    I don’t hold and don’t know a massive amount about him but looks like a good oppertunity to top up via the ME if you’re happy to hold long term.

  • @PogbaforMB no, not worth buying yet. He's doing nothing anytime this season.

    One for the watch list.

    There's a whole load of rockets going off & he isn't one of them unless you have an unlimited supply of cash & can just park it there.

  • I called it 7 months ago when he was still in the Napoli fold. Everything pointed to Serie B and so it proved.


  • @Dalian-Smyth yeah, but you also called a big score for Veretout vs SPAL, who got a 155 with no goals or assists.

    Not a bad base, I hear you say. Not a big score, you'd hear me reply.

    Gaetano is an interesting one, born in 2000 and playing CAM, I'm amazed he's still below £1.

    I do prefer having money in Pinamonti, but there seeing how cheap Gaetano is definitely interests me.

  • @Lukeroro In fairness though with Veretout. He's hit 17 career penalties. If he'd been given penalty duties this season added with some of his pb decent pb base there's a case for a decent pb hold there. He didn't so his price suffered.

    I don't get the interest in Gaetano at all. I'm surprised he's as expensive as he is. Looking at what he has done in Serie B it makes it easier to see why Napoli never called on him.

  • Thanks for the comments, seems like the jury is very much out on him, one to keep an eye on,

  • @Dalian-Smyth I hear that re Veretout. Was mentioning it jovially as opposed to grilling you 🤣

    A flairy CAM, young, if his name was John-Luke Gattonbury and he was coming through at Tottenham he'd be almost £3!

  • @Lukeroro said in Gianluca Gaetano:

    A flairy CAM, young, if his name was John-Luke Gattonbury and he was coming through at Tottenham he'd be almost £3!

    Fair point but could the same be said of a non English youth. I'm not so sure.

  • @Dalian-Smyth you're very right. I'm not on Gaetano as such, tested the water earlier with 70p bid that went through pretty rapid. Not convinced enough to buy more but will be keeping tabs.

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