Dani Ceballos

  • Looked good for me last night, clocked up a decent score, corners, free kicks etc and seems as thou Arteta likes and wants to keep him, looks a class above at times and can see arsenal trying to build around him providing he stays injury free, look forward to hopefully seeing him up against Neves and Moutinho Saturday.

    Had a dabble on him @ 1.64, what do you all think?

  • @Die-Eisernen

    I have quite a lot of cheapoes in my port and just a few big guns. Trying to identify some decent middle ground players but more £2 than £4. £4 players worry me that they could go either way. Ceballos and Lo Celso are who I’ve plumped for. I’ve really been trying to do my own thing with sub £1 players but had to cotton onto the Index and sentiment. Vibe I get is people like these two, they could be Index worthy so I’ve bought them both.

    Good luck!

  • He's far too inconsistent for me. I like him as a player, think he's very talented but just goes missing too many times.

    Posts solid PB scores when he's on it though.

  • I'm a big fan and a big holder (relatively speaking). Will defo return divs in future. I've had 1 gold day win out of him this season Nd I know he posted a mega score to win on another day prior to me holding. Significantly underpriced imo

  • Managed to get 100 at £1.41 last week, sold them before the game at £1.65 just too take some profit. Was hoping for a poor game to rebuy but he looked good last night. Only concern is that he has some low PB scores away from home and hasn't done much against the bigger teams

  • 209 last night with one assist
    J Rodriguez 201 with a goal and assist.

    Ceballos could be a great hold this year, bumping this thread.

    I will be picking more up in the Monday sell off..

  • @Tom77

    Just a shame he wasn’t on any of the corners or free kicks last night or he’d of made it to top midfielder! Pretty confident his time will come, great player for me....

  • I like Ceballos alot, nice to watch and got a great base PB. The only thing that will make or break him this season though is goals, he will be a 'nearly man' on a number of occasions if he can't add goals to his output this season.

    Great potential FI wise.

  • I recently sold 50 of him. Defo regret but sold for a little profit. Hes a very tidy player

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