Will foden start the game on Sunday ?

  • I am trying to predict if he will start on Sunday as he could bag another goal or assist on Sunday and FOMO will kick in again ?
    The thing is I am considering on selling now and place the capital I would get from the sale all on bids on mid range players so that I would increase my portofolio value with cheaper players and then sell on the various spikes or put them up for sale straight away and wait for them to shift and move the profits elsewhere ? Hope it makes sense
    What are your opinions?
    @MickTurbo i rate yours and the other guys that have been here a while @Advinculas-Index @Black-Wolf etc I can’t remember everyone 😂

  • @R9inter I reluctantly sold last night as I dont think anyone could have predicted the rise hes had in such a short space of time. I think theres gonna be plenty taking profit to get on PB heavyweights in the run up to, and aftermath of, the div increase announcement so that's exactly what I've done for now, but theres a definite possibility he scores again and hits £8.50. Your call really mate, but what u propose does seem sensible

  • I'd be surprised if he starts the next game. I don't think he's started two consecutive Premier League games all season. I expect David Silva to start.

    I would still hold on to him regardless. Too early to cash in profits on this lad. Barring injury or other disasters, he will be easily over ten pounds by this time next year. Could potentially be a lot more than that.

  • Pros
    He has a spike ahead of him when he gets called up for England

    Doesn't appear to have a PB suited game (at the moment)
    Surprised at how little he features in MB (even today only on 320 points).

    He will probably turn into a safe bet on the platform much like Harry Kane

    if he starts doing things like shagging some grannies or breaking into Buckingham Palace and smearing dog shit over the crown Jewels then he will become a more attractive trade,but its looking increasingly unlikely.

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