Why isn’t the all time P&L % based on net deposits?

  • Am I missing something here? I personally have withdrawn funds from FI, I don’t think my all time P&L % is true/realistic. Is it just me who thinks this?

  • Mine is completely wrong. I just ignore it. Mine shows as 40% but it's closer to 140%.

  • I believe the All time P/L figure itself is correcr, but the percebtage next to it is based on total deposits, when actually it should be net deposits.

    As far as the other 3, (24hr, 7 day), these have never been correct for me, figure or percentage wise.

  • I don’t usually complain much about FI...but come on AC 😏 sort the fucking numbers out. We are entrusting you with our hard earned Wonga. Getting profit algorithms correct is a must. 👊🏻 [moderator please acknowledge 😘]

  • It’s always been wrong, it’s always been based on total deposits rather than net deposits, and yet I have always just accepted the fact its wrong and ignored it.

    This is some of the basic shit FI need to sort out, surely basing it on net deposits makes more sense. There are a few issues with the app (in IOS at least) that seem very unprofessional. I’d love hem to concentrate on a full clean up and updating everything - the player bios and the “prospectus” need to be removed asap as its making the platform look pretty shoddy.

  • @Leclerc

    My amount is also incorrect. I think the Match Engine has corrupted it as it was working before that.

    The only way I can calculate all time profit is via transaction summary:
    Portfolio Value + Balance - All Time Deposits + All Time Withdrawals

  • @Robin-Friday

    Yeah the ME does mess the figures up if you have any open bids. Mine adds up correctly as I have no bids. If you were to cancel yours and check, does yours add up?

  • @Leclerc
    With no open bids my all time profit figure is roughly £2k too low. My total bids matched is also roughly £2k so I am assuming there is a connection given my all time profit amount was correct prior to ME.

  • @Robin-Friday , I would love to say Im surprised, but Im not. Like someone said earlier in this thread, I have kind of accepted most of all those numbers to be wrong and just gotten on with it, but that shouldnt be the case. Might be worth giving CS a shout

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