Foden or Maddison? (Euro 2021)

  • I know it's a year away but:
    Ignoring (but related to) FI, which one would you like to see start for England in the no.10 role at next year's Euros. Obviously depends on how next season goes, but who do you fancy? Or do you want someone else?

  • Well, in a moment of madness I bought quite a lot of Maddison... so, Maddison!

    Sorry, was I supposed to ignore FI?!

    I guess Grealish is the other obvious candidate.

  • Foden in real life will be the future of England’s midfield ( don’t hold )

    On FI I hope Leicester finish outside top 4 and qualify Europa so Maddison ( I hold ) can have a great chance of PB on Europa days 👍🏻

  • @PaulM lol yeah might change title to include grealish, will leave it for now

  • @Gregolocky agreed, but do you see him as the future for next year or more longer term. Personally I'd love to see madders in the champions League, but fair enough.

  • @Notanyoldnewuser I see it next year personally because his performances are very hard to ignore while Maddison has gone off the boil a bit along with the whole Leicester squad.
    I think their would be a public outcry if Foden was getting decent game time at club level and get overlooked.
    ( not an England fan so I’ve no dog in this fight, just an honest opinion )

  • Given all the rises I was hoping that he might get fit, score a goal and soar in price. An England call-up and European qualification should help his price. He’s basically my only middle ground (Pricewise) purchase and sits a little unwell with me. Desperately hope it isn’t downhill from here!

  • Think we'd have to judge on some England friendlies as much as club form, we all know that certain players don't translate well to international football for whatever reason. Grealish was a good shout too, although his future is the most uncertain.

  • It's great to see all of these technically gifted young English lads coming through. Foden I'd say is the future of the no.10 role, not sure who will be getting the nod over the next year - spoilt for choice right now!

  • Southgate likes barkley and mount.
    Maddison only has 1 capp, foden and grealish both 0.
    I’d expect defend foden to come through at some point.

    England spoiled for that 10 type player.

  • Can't see Maddison as a regular for England. Grealish and Foden are superior players - and although they can both play on the wing those spots are taken for England. Not sure Maddison will make the Euros tbh.

  • Foden for me Leicester and Maddison were in great form pre Christmas . Maddison form failing off as foden starts to surge. I think foden is the better player and that he far more likely to nail down a place for England as Maddison should have by now with his profile at an all time high and the fact Southgate never really made him a key asset suggests he might have missed the boat.
    I do hold foden so biased but that’s honestly how I see things.

  • Choosing between just these two, as a no. 10 it would be Maddison for me. I'd expect Foden to end up a little deeper than that and he's got a big job on his hands to force his way into the City team. Assuming he does though, I'd definitely have him in the squad next summer and I could see a scenario where they both make the starting 11.

  • Both should be in the squad but Foden would be the one starting if it was me picking the side.

  • I’d also look at realistically where Maddison can way Leicester and Rodgers keep the momentum and wheels are starting to come off .
    Not a klopp player , city , united and Chelsea are stacked now so don’t see a route in there ... maybe arsenal or spurs but they both wil struggle for top 4.
    I actually see Maddison going to continent at some stage , has hinted at that in past and could easily do a Ramsey but how good that would be for his FI prospects is debatable .

  • Foden and Grealish for England.

    If Foden is worth £7.80 currently at Media duds City, then Grealish is worth £10 at Man United

  • If Pep keeps playing Foden and he plays like he has the last few games then it's not even a contest, the kid looks ridiculously good at times! Also he probably won't end up in a casino before games...😆

  • @DillyDong
    Grealish is 24 foden is 20 no way is Grealish a better bet .prices are right in my view now

  • To be fair Foden might need this england call up ASAP, cause he currently doesn’t return anything for being City’s match winner 🤣🎣

  • @BMCG imo prices are right for now, but once Grealish moves to United he will boom. Foden needs more Media attention to be worth his price. If Foden gets in the media spotlight he will absolutely be worth his price and more. But regardless of how good he becomes, if he's playing for the wrong Manchester club it will affect his ceiling.

    I think Foden will be the better no 10 for England, but there is room for both of them in the first team.

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