Marcus Edwards ..... 🤔

  • hey Guys I just bought this kid few days ago,
    Im in for 200 shares at about £270.

    I think it's worth a dabble i know he's in Portugal which doesn't affect his price atm i know.
    But the English factor was really tempting me plus he is young and a pacey winger which I love to buy. He also has an eye for goal. It means nothing in Portugal 🇵🇹 but prospect wise for future his potential is worth a punt?

    Also a big factor in me getting him was my gut feeling because most players who Mourinho has let go have come back to bite him in the a** and the taken the world by storm along the way too 😅

    I read somewhere a few english clubs watching him naturally because any young English player abroad is going to make people stand up and take notice even its with one eye only.

    Im already invested in him and am not trying to pump him, Im more interested in what others think about my investment so any thoughts and feedback much appreciated 👍😊

  • Think he's a solid investment. I bought him around £1 and sold and £1.20, but could easily see him settle at 1.60ish for now. Price after that depends where he moves to eventually, how much he plays, PB and how good he is at a higher standard than Portuguese league. Lots of unknowns but could pay off.

  • He’s looking great at the mo. I’ve had and then sold for decent profit and just added some more. With the prices of other young English players booming, if he gets a move back to the premier league he could 🚀 £1.49 still a bargain

  • The one factor for myself is that there is a huge question mark over his attitude, his talent is without question.

    Coming up through the Spurs academy Pochettino famously labelled him as 'a young Messi' (now plenty of papers do that but how many top-notch coaches go on record saying that, although he later admitted that was a mistake saying it in public). However, he never broke through due to massive amounts of problems and issues with his attitude, of which Edwards himself has duly admitted.

    He was then sent out on loan to Norwich for a few months to see if the quieter country-side lifestyle away from all the temptations that London or a Big City can bring, would get him to knuckle down and focus on his football under a coach in Daniel Farke who has built his reputation on bringing the best out of youngsters and promoting them to the first team (Aarons, Lewis, Cantwell, Maddison, Godfrey, etc.). However, unfortunately again his attitude again got in the way although he was also struggling with a minor injury.

    He then went to Portugal on a full-time basis after Spurs decided they had had enough (but still inserted a 50% sell on clause wary of his talent) and has since finally thrived, scoring a great solo goal in his last match and looks to have finally settled and found his place for now.

    So talented, yes, youthful English, yes, but still huge question marks remain over whether his attitude has truly changed or still lurks in the background. Whether he turns in the Renato Sanches direction or the Ravel Morrison direction, time well tell...

  • This guy has so much talent, but question marks over the years about his attitude - getting sent back from championship loans due to his attitude says it all. He may well have turned it around now though with his time out in Portugal. Personally as a spurs fan think he’s a huge improvement on both lamela and Lucas so would love them to trigger the 50% back clause but don’t see him returning just yet

  • @Trading-Bear totally agrees with the attitude but I think he’s turned the corner and he’s now letting his football do the talking. It’s a gamble on him but at £1.50 ish I think the upside is huge. If he finishes the last few games well I could see someone like Everton or west ham taking a risk on him. He’d hit £2 plus very quickly. Having said that, a few paddy’s and he’s back below £1

    Game tonight so let’s hope he performs well again.

  • Thanks for the information and feedback everyone much appreciated.
    Judging by what everyone is saying im quite confident I invested well as can do on him,
    I hear what people saying about his attitude and that is definitely important 💯 but if that is more or less the one of very few downsides about him Im happy because I think attitude comes with age, I think we all can personally relate to that its just a way of life, but by no means am I saying every young person has attitude issues, what I mean is attitude tends to come with age generally speaking in life. In football ⚽️ life attitude most certainly comes with age and also a good coach who can put that right. No offence to Pochettino or the championship managers/coaches who couldn't figure out how to sort his attitude but definitely someone out there may be able to maybe a Klopp? Put their arm around him and help him with the very few flaws he seems to have.
    I guess time will tell but yes definitely happy with putting £300ish on him. All good 👍

  • Fair point in the attitude and that’s always something I take into account when buying a player. I think the difference here is that he has openly admitted having attitude issues and spoken about his willingness to improve on this. That’s not generally a trait the Morrison’s and Balotelli’s of this world possess at an early age so I’m less worried. Anyway, weren’t we all di*kheads in our teens?!

    The low release clause makes him a decent punt for most prem sides. Very unlikely to lose money on him.

    I’m FI terms if he gets a PB move he’ll push £2 and a prem move who knows?!

  • @MikeWagner well said. I’m just looking at players his age, ok playing at better clubs but they range from £2.50-£8.
    Marcus is £1.50!! I’d rather gamble at that thanks.

  • He will rise with PL links and if he moves he will rise again. Easy money especially since young English players are all the buzz at the minute.

  • Pulled the trigger this morning. I held him a year ago but didn't seem to hit the ground running in Portugal. Talent has never been question so hopefully this is the start of some big things. My only reservation is that I worry this summer is too soon and EPL clubs will want to see him turn it on more regularly. But at end of the day, you need to pull the trigger at some point.

  • He's in the starting lineup so let's hope he continues to make impact and English teams start to sit up and take notice. 😊🤞👌

  • @FukUpayMe Excellent news

  • An englishman staying in Portugal 🇵🇹 long term doesn't bode well for me 😄 ... kind of like a certain Portuguese manager staying in England long term doesn't! 🤣
    But definitely think he chose this as his first step and then hopefully even if he doesn't come straight back to England another top 5 European league is decent 2nd step to then start PB 👏 and then England 🇬🇧 🙂🙃
    Either way looks a very interesting set of stepping stones in my opinion 😉👌

  • So they played last night and won. Marcus Edwards had a decent game I've noticed a lot of the attacks go through him, he's involved in a lot of them. Hence why he didn't score or assist but still stayed on the pitch till the 89th minute.
    He wins a lot of their free kicks Aswell.
    All in all decent game.

    Two things I would love to happen by the beginning of next season (which would only be a few months away) 1) his team Guimaraes finish 5th and get a route into Europa League qualifying. Which means PB at least for a % of next season. Then he can showcase his talent again against top 5 leagues teams like he did this season,
    To be fair they done well this year gave Arsenal a scare in both group games against them and he scored aswell as assisted in them games. They were unlucky because Arsenal topped the group and Frankfurt qualified 2nd with 8 points. Guimaraes finished on 7 points. Drew with arsenal 1-1 and lost away 3-2.
    The second thing i would love is for Marcus to hit the top 200 market which he is about 9p away from. I think both these things could happen 5th in Portuguese league get that Europa league qualifying round and at the moment there's 3 teama gunning for it. Rio Ave are 5th now on 47 pts Guimaraes are 6th on 46 pts and Famalicao are 7th on 45 pts. The team 8th are miles away on 38 pts with not many games left. So yeh very good chance my two things i want could happen. Good away win last night Guimaraes hope it continues. Then I can hope for better things next season but for now this the two things i want to happen. Its all stepping stones so yeh maybe next year if these two happens then maybe an easy group where they can qualify to knock outs. He scores a fair few goals so gets noticed. And then go from there. But first things first try to get that 5th and final spot for European football ⚽️ 👌

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