Frankie De Jong

  • I haven’t been following Spanish football much since the prem came back but surely Frankie de Jong is very cheap at .... he is injured at the moment but I can see that he has been this cheap for quite a while. Is there a reason for this, something I am missing? This is a young kid playing for Barcelona week in week out when he is fit and is the same price as most mid table prem midfielders/defenders

  • How much has he won in dividends this season?

  • I think he hasn’t done well at Barca so far, but that isn’t necessarily his fault. IMO he needs Busquets to leave/retire in order to be seen to his best effect, I have minimal interest in him until then. Think he is outstanding though, he’s a far better player than Van De Beek IMO

  • As long as he plays as the holding midfielder he’ll be worth bugger all. No goal threat means low PB scores, or at least scores high enough to win divs. Such a waste of attacking talent. Because he can play as an attacking midfielder too.

  • @Valhalla if he’s playing holding midfielder then where is Busquets playing?

  • @ChazFI123 extra deep holding midfielder? Tip of the bellend formation? 🤷🏼‍♂️ 😜 whatever way u dress it- de jong is playing to deep, he’s posting weak scores as a result and his price is reflective of that.

  • @Valhalla if that’s the case then why does Fabinho score better than him? Why does Rodri score well? I think he needs to replace Busquets so that everything goes through him, currently he’s playing deeper but he’s not seeing as much of the ball as a lot of the CDMs who score well do as he’s having to share it with Busquets

  • @ChazFI123 I don’t think Busquets is anyone you want to aspire to be. Or replace. He has won no divs this season, has an all time top score of 258 and has only won 10p of divs in his entire career. And I don’t agree Rodri scores well...2p PB this season is woeful.
    Fabinho is a little better with 10p this season. But these aren’t great numbers. It goes back to the fact that attacking players do best on FI. Until De jong moves into a more attacking position he will continue to post weak scores. With Busquets there or not.

  • IHe needs to be in that busquets role to win PB, which will happen soon. If not, and still unsettled...he'll move.

    He's shown PB potential and still very young. At £1.50ish, I think he's a solid 3-year hold.

  • @Meridismo04 did you not read my above post about busquets winning no PB? If he takes over Busquets role he will win what Busquets won this year...0p and only 10p in his whole career.
    De jong needs to play further up the pitch and become a regular goal threat to earn solid divs. And he’s more than capable of doing that.

  • @Valhalla

    I read your post perfectly well. They are different players, taking Busquets' role doesn't mean they will post the same PB scores.

  • FDJ was bought and is still planned to take Busquets role. He Will be no different in relation to Busquets in terms of PB.

    He is currently either at his right price or overpriced. Possibly still overvalued due to age and what he did with Ajax.

    With all the options in the market out there, gambling on FDJ suddenly becoming an assist and goal contributor from deep in Barças system does not make sense at all. It's a long shot gamble.

    I'd sell as soon as he has a decent game for Holland or manages a one off high PB score.

  • Sorry I meant sell as assuming somebody in this thread has him.

    For the OP I would say put your money elsewhere. There's 100s of better opps out there.

    Outside of Messi, Fati and Puig I wouldn't go near any Barça players in the current mess they are in.

  • Where does Pjanic fit in this jigsaw? I bought him for £1.15 yesterday, which I think is reasonable. He probably won't get the same scores as at Juve (he won't get set pieces off Messi), but I can see him becoming the Barca pass master so good PB base..

    I had assumed De Jong would do the same, but his bases have not supported the hype thus far... That said, at £1.50 on ME he is likely decent value as a long term prospect..

  • I think it's just too much of a gamble predicting any Barça player and what's gonna happen next season. I would stay away personally

    The time to get on will be when the current shower of arseholes on the board are done next summer and we hope the next lot clean things up. Especially if Xavi finally comes in as manager.

    Right now it's a mess so anything could happen with Pjanic.

  • Hasn’t he been playing in a more attacking position this season, on the left of the three in midfield?

    I’ve held him since last summer and he has been pretty disappointing tbh. But, I think it’s only a matter of time before he becomes the king of the Barca midfield and hopefully PB too!

    I think his PB scores are good for Holland too so should be a decent hold for Euros and World Cup.

  • With Quique Setién looking highly likely to leave at the end of the season i think a new manager will get more out of De Jong.

    Also continuously playing for a dominate team he only has to hit a PB once a season to bring value at his current price.

    Picked up 100 shares 40p under his buy price on the ME

  • Going to sound a bit stupid but I really think Barca are starting to decline, such an old squad really and squad depth doesn't seem that special. Have got some useful youngsters and are starting trying to rebuild, but they seem so reliant on Messi now before he'd score a brace or so in a 4/5-0 win whereas now they need him to score just for them to win 1/2-0.

  • @ChazFI123 Agree - they really need a fresh start. Interesting to see who they bring in to make the change.

  • Strange and shocking transfer dealings of late as well. Ageing side already with a big prospect in Arthur to sell him to bring in a 30yr old

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