Munir El Haddadi

  • Jus had a look at the potential dividend earners and I couldn’t believe this guy why is he only 1.12 ?
    I mean this guy has had 25p in pb dividends this season without counting IPD which would be another 12p across the league and Europa league !
    So I bought about 360 of him !
    But how is it possible that a dividend earned is so cheap ?
    Of course he won’t win the media atm as unless you are neymar or play in the premier league is nearly impossible to do so anyway !
    Surely when they announce the dividend increase this guy should rocket ?
    @MickTurbo you hold him I believe? what are your thoughts about him ?

  • @R9inter I think it’s cause he won most of his divs in the Europa league against two woeful teams. That and he’s rotating a lot I believe

  • @R9inter I bought him before LL resumed mate, then sold after 2 consecutive bronze day wins. He was only ever gonna be a flip for me. As @Gregolocky says, I'm sure 16p of that is from a gold day win against some minnow club. From Albania or somewhere and the 2 wins he gave me make up to 20p or 80% of that yield.

    All that said, he won both those bronze days without even getting the full 90 minutes which is impressive, he scores goals, is a good age and has had his price suppressed by being out of favour prior to COVID because of a bust up with the manager which would appear to be done and dusted, so hes a player who I may re-buy ahead of next season.

    It doesnt matter where the divs are won really, and seville look good for Europe again, but I'd be more inclined to buy if they ended up in the Europa

  • Hes a cracking PB hold and only 24 with europa league gold days coming up.
    His price was suppressed before Covid because he wasn't playing because of a spat with the manager. They've made up and since the resumption he's been impressive but dont think his price has risen to show this change in circumstances. All the focus is on the big boys at the mo but only a matter of time before the lower end and El Haddadi in particular see a good rise.

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