Sell greenwood now or wait

  • Was wondering if somebody could help me out dont know if to cash in on greenwood or not only new to this bought 4 shares for £4 each

  • Depends how much money you put into it. With only holding 4 I'd say keep it's not really worth selling but that's my opinion

  • @NewUser503343

    PB div increase getting announced on thursday, meaning money will flow into established PB heavyweights. If the increase is generous, the flow will be an avalanche. Greenwood ceiling is certainly very high, but 2 goals today and a 151 with the 18 points for the win giving him a base of 43, admittedly from 75 minutes.

    At his age and at Utd he can get away with this but in my opinion theres gonna be a good bit of profit taking after his gigantic rise as people free up funds for the top PB players, so whilst he could end up a £20 player a year from now, I think the short term could see him dip, hope this helps 😂

  • I wouldn’t personally sell up right now but If you need to free up cash then now is certainly a good opportunity to get a quick full price sale.

    Even with the dividend announcement I don’t see the youth trend slowing down - Sancho is priced at £14 in the hope that he will one day be doing what Greenwood is doing, plenty more growth ahead in my opinion.

  • IMO Foden and Greenwood are good returns on capital appreciation not for PB.

  • @NewUser503343 If you only have a small port then the funds from selling Greenwood could go a long way in building a PB port through the matching engine.

  • Short term yes, long term no.
    I certainly won't be, he's 18 got everything infront of him. If your holding a golden goose why shoot it🤔😂

  • @NewUser503343 sell to market when you can decent return back not gona get any media when not playing and not many games left just bit lucky to scoop that today. 4 Greenwood’s to can get you a decent number of a player and good pick can easily dbl and flip this season. Greenwood won’t dbl in price!
    in n out best way take ur profit rather than risk a shit few games or injury price drop.

  • If you only have 4 shares then 100% sell

  • Greenwood winning media yesterday shows his potential on that side of things and shouldn’t be underestimated

  • @FI_IPOSCOUT wouldn’t count on that right now pal with a media review in bound

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