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  • Everyone going on about how the Nasdaq new order book is going to make things better not a chance. Good for buyers ideal. But in theory you will have 3 sell formats.
    1.Sell to market/traders wait ages until you get the fomo buying like when folden/greenwood score
    2. Sell to another trader by acepting match. No chance if you have ighalo
    3. Instant sell straight back to fi if that comes back as was before.
    The instant sell will be so low on a player like ighalo but that will be the only way! But if you have him “you have chosen poorly my friend”! Famous quote for you kids!

    Or have I missed something?
    Other than thinking ighalo is worth 0p?
    Buying will be the same as now.

  • @CLACKETT said in Choose wisely!:

    Other than thinking ighalo is worth 0p?

    What if he signs permanently either for Man Utd or any other PB team, (now that he's in the shop window)? or plays & wins a Gold day PB?

    Having already returned 57p in dividends since Jan he's probably worth a whole lot more than his current market price suggests, just a particularly volatile hold.

    Full OB's will allow ACTUAL demand & supply to determine a players price (& market depth), no longer dependent on IPO price, FI backed IS price or any other artificial support - which is a wholly good thing IMHO. This helps avoid bubbles or ridiculously over valued IPO's, even if it means some players current prices prove to be wrong or out of line with market sentiment (in either direction).

    Once demand & supply are both free to interact then they will (over time & given sufficient depth) establish a market clearing equilibrium price, in other words largely eliminate any queues or waiting to execute a trade (either buy or sell) which is in everyone's interest (no dead money). Proper full OB's are an excellent idea.

    Whether a player is a good or bad hold will be expressed by his current price, which in turn will solely be driven by market sentiment, entirely transparent & fair.

  • @Geronimo159387
    He’s only worth what people are prepared to pay which at the moment is nonting. He is 31 he won’t ever win a gold day, not as long as I have a hole in my arse. other than cup games he won’t play enough.
    He won’t get any media other than the day he leaves or signs and the risk on him is crazy at that age 1 injury or move away and what’s he worth.? Anyone who got him at 30p/40p and got that in divs is freerolling any one else is up the creek without a paddle and can’t have a exit strategy otherwise they would have got out the day he signed for Utd! Understand you trying to defend a bad hold as u got investment there.

  • @CLACKETT So what’s your point? Is this like a tipping service? Don’t buy Ighalo because he’s an extremely high risk hold?

  • Re: Ighalo

    There is plenty of shiiiiite out there worth precisely zero, but Ighalo isn't one of them.

    I no longer own, I've sold at massive profit but he's not just at Manchester United for this season - he's there till next January as the worst possible scenario.

    He could sign permanently or go another team in a PB league. 😐

    But he'll be kicking around the PL for a long time yet, especially with a dividend increase likely next Thursday.

    As for PB, he's already won a gold day THIS season so that guy with the hole in his ass may want to re-think that statement 😂👍

    He has also won plenty of MB, & being a striker at Manchester United he will likely win it every time he scores the winning goal.

    In conclusion, he is FAR from worthless.

  • @Ericali think I have had my head in the sand ... what is a dividend increase - what does this actually mean. It sounds good in theory, is it really going to help the stagnation at the moment. Hope so but I dont actually know what it is. Not just asking for myself because I dare say a good number on here don't know what it is and if it is a good thing or not for them. Can you or another honourable trader please explain what might happen? Cheers.

  • @Gary-T said in Choose wisely!:

    @Ericali think I have had my head in the sand ... what is a dividend increase - what does this actually mean. It sounds good in theory, is it really going to help the stagnation at the moment. Hope so but I dont actually know what it is. Not just asking for myself because I dare say a good number on here don't know what it is and if it is a good thing or not for them. Can you or another honourable trader please explain what might happen? Cheers.

    A dividend increase is precisely that.

    Where as of now we see 8p per top category performer on a gold day + 8p per star man (16p in total) - next week they could well announce they are increasing this payout to 12p per position & 12p for the star man (so 24p in total) - which would be a 50% increase of winnings on offer & surely prices would correlate to support the new potential winnings on offer.

    As of now we see 3p of offer for the media winners on a standard day - by next Thursday that could well be 5p.

    All speculation of course, but traders are anticipating some sort of increase being announced.

    Here's the current dividend table


  • @Gary-T I don't mean to sound harsh but surely if you have money in the product, you would understand that dividends is what essentially drives the market. No dividend no football index. The increase is exactly what Eric says

  • @CLACKETT Ighalo is high risk, that gamble lies with the trader not FI. We aren't entitled to profit, the level of risk/reward strategy we adopt is on us.

    Only half the OB has been implemented, with the implementation of sell orders a better balance will be realised and spreads will tighten. If it's a shit hold or high risk dont expect someone to take that liability off your hands for anything other than a massive discount!

  • @Ericali Thanks - I actually thought it might have been something else. Cheers

  • 0_1593942367676_7653ABF5-829B-47A7-A263-2269291C6194.jpeg

    Choose ‘wisely’ indeed! 😉

  • @AndydfopT Andy having only been on the index a short while to be honest I wasn't sure what it was - Dividend yield is great but there are other ways of making money on the index. Only 1 person can win Def, Mid , Fwd and overall and how many players are on the index? flip-flopping, IPD, transfers, injuries, Euro's, rumours, speculation etc surely these drive the market as well don't they? Not being on here before when a dividend increase has taken place to be frank I didn't know what quite to expect. It might not happen yet!!!!

  • @Gary-T The dividends drive the market, you're right in saying there is other ways to make money but if there was no dividends being paid there would be no reason to trade technically. If you take a young player rising, most of time it will be FOMO. Realistically their div yeild will probably be relatively poor for the next year or so but still its what they can become. Mbappe is probably one of the best examples of this, £10+ and without checking i bet he has the worse or second worse dividend yield of top 20 players.

  • @Gary-T the dividends or potential to win dividends is what the whole product is about. If there was none on offer there would be no point buying anyone mate

  • 0_1593945329993_Screen Shot 2020-07-05 at 11.35.05.png

  • now that i realise i cant even shift 1 salah on a liverpool gold day the more i realise these order books need to be sorted v soon. and with a big div increase.. i think it should be close to double as these massive spreads are going to lower values considerably. and then thers the the extra commission

  • @Ericali from now on he won’t win a gold day. And you can’t kid a kidder bud we all know u ain’t shifted all them. If u have you would have posted it on here for an ego boost😂.

  • @Splurger_Dan that’s exactly what I’m saying shit players before could have a punt on and instant sell at a small loss now you get stung which is a good thing and how it should be!

  • @Shippers Thanks and your example just confirms the point that whilst for many it is about the dividends it isn't for everyone. If I have to rely purely on one of my port picking up a dividend, as important as they are, against every other player - look at Fernandes as an example yesterday at 11.02. Top of the tree for most of the day looking at racking up 16p divs and knocked off by Caudrado at .61p - I think I would give up the game as it isn't fun. It is fun to try and pick a player that gives you more of a chance IMO. @AndydfopT I don't necessarily disagree with your thoughts on dividends I just feel there is more to FI than just putting all my eggs in one basket in the hope I might just hit the big one on occasions. We all have our own opinions on which options best suit us.

  • @Gary-T Fernandes got pipped yesterday but more often than not will be ahead of these guys. You can hold a Fernandes and yes of course it would be annoying to lose to Cuadrado but thats why most of us promote a diverse port. Have your dividend earners, have players for cap app, youngsters, low IPDs earners. Ive got a mixture and in the last few weeks alone, ive done quite well. I've had Willian of all people win top striker on 3 separate days. Im not sure what your port looks like, it sounds like mainly cap which is good but again can be just as frustrating waiting. Tbf your probably FIs dream trader as they will pay you out limited divs 😅 but id recommend diversifying, it doesnt matter if its a £7 or £0.60 player winning. Obviously theres a tad bit more satisfaction winning with a £0.60 as you've probably had to put some research in etc......

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