Timo Werner

  • I have not seen a thread about Timo yet but i'm sure there is one around somewhere....

    He has had a great season with RB Leipzig and can potentially do a 'Mo Salah' next season !!

    There has been a few links to him moving away to Bayern or Juventus in the summer but what can we expect from him in the World Cup? (if he is picked) personally i think that he will have a decent competition if he plays and his price rise will start due to this..

    Anyone have any views on Timo?

  • Will Leipzig sell Timo and Keita in the same window (Keita) already on his way to Liverpool?
    Good player and will go to a big club, but maybe 2019 rather 2018... and limited MB/PB at Leipzig in the meantime.
    Saying that you players futures last 3 years - so a good long term opportunity.

  • @AndyP32 think he's very good but don't see him as a salah type. I see him more of a goal poacher so won't touch the ball as much as salah.

    If he went to man Utd could see him hitting £7 or £8. I could he totally wrong of course haha.

  • No doubt he's a star player but a couple of questions for me... Will he play for Germany in the WC? Whilst I certainly see him starting the competition if he doesn't score within a couple of games I can see them perhaps reverting to a false nine or playing a typical nine up top like Gomez or Wagner? Germany tend to play with tried and tested up top when it comes to tournament football....

    Another question is where will he end up??? If it's Bayern or Juve or Napoli as suggested then would that not have a negative effect on his value? He's currently near 4.00 so whilst I do see short term growth in that based on transfer rumours and a starting position in the WC... longer term I see that falling down to below 3.00 if he continues to reside in Germany or perhaps should he move to Italy?

    I'm one of those gutted to have missed out on him a couple of months back when I didn't have the capital to invest but at his current value and for my strategy I'm going to take a pass... A few more rumours to the EPL though and I might just jump on?

  • A lot of potential but at £4 a share, that’s quite a heavy investment so early on with someone not proven as much elsewhere. Go to the PL then it would probably rise, especially on rumours but it’d depend on where he went and who he’d be up against for a starting place. I’d have liked to have got a few shares earlier in but I wasn’t on the platform. Good luck to anyone with him though, 3 years gives a lot of potential 👍

  • Yeah one of my newbie errors was coming in on Werner a bit too high, might be looking to secure some profit on him this summer as he'll be in the world cup and with transfer rumours. Whatever happens his price is gonna drop at the end of the summer so a good opportunity to sell some/most or even all of his stock depending on what happens. Nobody knows where he's gonna be after that so will have to wait and see. One to watch closely anyway.

  • Like others have said , to do a Salah he would have to move to England and take the place apart. If he doesn't move to England then will probably dip after the world cup.

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