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  • Had a little tickle on FI last year has just flogged his house and is renting until March next year when his house it built (pretty much same time frame as me lol).

    He has convinced his mrs to put half the profit from the house sale into FI which is £30k and says all he is going to do is buy tracker 25's with it and just leave it until around Jan, then sell up. He says he wants to put the bet on, then just log back in Jan...doesn't want to be watching players go up and down in price.

    I think this is a safe enough option, what do people think?

    What would others do?

    I myself couldn't just spend it and then leave it for 6 months - id be itching to look at what is going on with it.

  • @Millerman for that time frame surely he should just go big on 5-6 PB monsters like maybe TAA, Kimmich, Kroos, Neymar, Dybala

  • @MickTurbo I don't know if I would have the spuds to do anything like he is saying. He's away on holiday for the week down Cornwall area and has unplugged from the world for a week which is good because he would be getting hammer for Luton getting smashed over the weekend.

    I'm trying to get other ideas for when he comes back and I have a catch up with him.

    I think I would just get 100 tracker 50's thinking about it more - spread the risk a little more and I think he would catch a couple of mega risers in that lot and also mop up on a lot of media.

  • @Millerman I just think PB is the biggest no brainer since buying BL players in late April

  • @Millerman said in Boss at work:

    What would others do?

    Never, ever give financial advice to friends or family IMHO but if you don't mind risking losing your job then fair enough. He clearly wants exposure to a rising market without the associated risk of "stock picking" to replicate buying a FTSE tracker without choosing individual firms. Given the outlook for FI over the next 6-9 months a rise looks likely but nothing is certain, who saw CV coming??

    I've never bought a FI tracker but aiui you get the basket of eligible players, so benefit from any cap app as well as receiving any dividends they win, so as a hands off bet on the index rising between now & next Spring then it looks a "safe" option. I personally would pick my own but given the scenario you outline I don't think it would be a bad choice, I think either 50 or 100 tracker would be most suitable as the risk is far more balanced than the 10/25 options.

    My only advice is to be certain of his exit strategy (or risk the mrs's wrath) so maybe plan a sell strategy starting from January to avoid any potential liquidity squeeze.

  • @Millerman if it was me I dont think I'd dare gamble with money put aside for something so important as house buying. On the other hand I wish I had 30k spare right now to put in because I'm that confident that that in a year he could absolutely minimum make 20% on that even if its an absolute disaster but still not sure I'd dare take the risk 😅

    I genuinely text my mate 2 weeks ago and said if I had to put all my money on one player it would be greenwood and then we all know what has happened since. Still think he'll reach 20 quid in next few years no bother but I only had enough cash spare to buy 120.

  • @MickTurbo Agreed, there's gonna be a substantial dividend increase in the next few days..players that have a proven dividend track record are gonna be the main benefactors surely. They are also the most liquid players with less spread costs when it comes to selling...No brainer at the moment.

  • Got a bit of a similar situation myself, got a mate at work who’s considerably older than me and he wants to join as all the saving options are shite, but wants my advice. Think I’m just going to advise him to get some of the top end players, he’s not gonna double his money short term, but there should be an easy 10-20% increase I think dependent on the announcement

  • @Geronimo159387 Understand what your saying. I will just point him to this thread when he returns and then leave him to his merry way.

    My dilema is slightly different. I currently have a £12k port and have ringfenced £4k for a Euro/World Cup 'section'.

    I myself am in the process of buying a house and move in March next year (maybe earlier depending on 2nd / 3rd wave of covid).

    £8k is what I have to take out which then means I have a small port again /cry

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