Samu Castillejo

  • Hey Guys

    Anyone have any information about this player?

    I know he is currently trading at £1.03 and his rating on is 7.08....gradually rising from 6.16 over the last month....

  • @AndyP32 I've had a look at him before as he had quite strong links to Athletico but they seem to have passed for now. This time last year Manchester United, Spurs, Arsenal and Napoli were reportedly looking to swoop and I'm sure I even saw one article saying he was the next Arjen Robben but I've not seen any strong rumours this year at all bar the Athletico ones. The thing that put me off as well is how poor he is for PB. He only has 1 score over 100 this season and that's a very low 151. So for now I'd stay away with no strong transfer links and very poor PB but I'm keeping an eye on him in case he has another upturn in form.

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