Thoughts on Paul Pogba?

  • He seems to be dropping a lot and looking at his spread indicates people still want to sell him. What are your thoughts on him?

  • @Hughesy I was just asking the same question. I think its just people trying to get money in to buy the top end players who are currently rising due to the dividend increase on Thursday. Mentioned on another thread I think he'll bounce back.

  • Thoughts are it's the perfect time to buy, Pogba is an international star so my own opinion is whatever changes are made to MB Pogba will still generate returns.

    I also think he will get his share of PB over the next few years, Bruno is the stand out option but Pogba racked up a decent score over the weekend and can see him grabbing a win or two.

    Here's an interesting one... how will the market react if Pogba and Rashford win top midfielder and forward respectively on Thursday? The first day of new dividend structure.

  • Held him at one stage like most people, and got rid of him recently.

    What's interesting about Pogba is that, the better he plays...the less valuable i believe he becomes.

    PB wise, he will 90% of the time be outshone by Bruno. That's why he's cheaper than him at the moment. Also, both are generating the same level of MB, because their stories are intertwined.

    Pogba's petulence and pundits' criticism is what makes up a lot of stories around him, which are all down to him not actually playing well most of the time. Then, come the added talk of a move away.

    If he plays well, then a lot of the associated media coverage actually dwindles from what i've noticed.

    I think he's fairly priced, but i don't really see a huge rise in him. Still a solid hold, but i wouldn't expect tremendous growth in my opinion.

  • Wether you love or hate him, class is permanent and on his day he is world class. With the league run in, Europa league games and Euro 21 all in the next 12 months he will win tons of divs MB and PB. Add to the fact you can get 2 Pogba for 1 Sancho I know which I'd rather have.

  • Absolutely buy. He's well up for it and performance wise is back to his best. He needs a goal and more assists, but with uniteds run in, the team spirit and morale and the fact they are still in two cups (Hes a big game player), his moment in the limelight will be very soon. Defo buy on the misguided dip I say.

  • He’s in my port (only 20 shares); so I would say to most definitely avoid buying him 😂

  • It's simple

    If media dividends see a big increase then PP will be the first one people look at.
    SO if u think that's gonna happen then the bid price is a steal

  • I came on tonight looking to discuss Pogba too.

    I think (hope) it's just money going out of Pogba and into the youth. That and people simply listing shares.

    It's a puzzling one for me, as Pogba is playing now alongside Bruno, and although Bruon is grabbing headlines along with Greenwood, Pogba has always been a MB player. Summer transfer rumours emerge again and will he / won't he will surely bring another rise ?

  • @Mad4it Actually, IF Sancho goes to Utd he will dominate MB for a while....during the transfer, afterwards, and then when he finally plays. In the same way Bruno has. Time will tell

  • @Hughesy

    Market downtime does suggestg a change to media matrix

  • Most of the United players carry a certain risk at the moment, and that is in the back of people's minds.. There is going to be a media review, and currently the word "United" carries some kind of multiplier effect on the MB matrix.. This means MB is weighted in favour of MB - so a review may affect some United holds negatively..

    Add to this the new levels of competition in the squad. In mid you have Bruno vs Pog (vs Fred and others). Up top you have Rash vs Martial vs Greenwood. All are vying against one another for PB and MB, and the perception is that the MB weight may be reduced...

    Whatever happens with MB review I'd say united will still gain favourable attention. Just the way it is. If any of their players do something notable on a reasonable sized matchday they will gain MB attention and most likely win.

    If the money is applied to PB only then Bruno without a doubt holds the juice, but there are hybrids and potential throughout.. The fact that they are actually looking decent again probably means that they could be performing better for both PB and MB... But without pogba arguing with the manager he may get less MB - but may get more MB for playing well..

    It is always a gamble. It is a bet after all. For me going forward I'd say United may lose some factor on the MB matrix, but I really don't think it'll affect media attention or thus trader sentiment too much..If anything their upturn in form and prospects probably means more chance of PB and MB across the board right now

  • What I would say about Pogba is that if he leaves, I think European media could help him a lot, especially at Real Madrid. I’m not convinced he’ll ever be the king again, but I imagine he’ll be a reasonably safe hold for the next 12 or so months

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