Market not functioning correctly

  • What is stopping them bringing in the sell side? We’ve had a long enough period to get used to the buy side and the longer this period goes on the longer people are being screwed and those with loads of spare cash at hand are taking advantage (don’t blame them).

    I think even the survey results showed people want a sell side ASAP, yet I can’t remember seeing anywhere a date for when this will happen.

  • One thing you also have to realise is the 'demand' for any one player.

    People talk about the 'top end' being very different to the bottom, but I guarantee you a lot of players in the higher prices are also not being 'bought now' but instead being bid on.

    The likes of Rashford, Pogba, Kane, Haaland, Grealish, Gnabry and Maddison to name a few. This is because of many reasons but those reasons boil down to them not being in demand by traders.

    To use an example, I've just bought some Cuadrado shares through buy now because he's only got a 3/4p spread, the chance of not getting those shares I want before tonights game means I use that function.

  • @Erased-Citizen part of me thinks there is a reluctance due to potentially a second spike maybe. Also wanting to ensure all dividend and media reviews are done and in place prior. We were told end of August i believe so realistically its not that long though i do understand people want it now

  • Hi guys

    Bit of a broken record here but...

    When Sell Offers arrive, if I buy Rash at £7 do you think that I can immediately list him at £10, semi-automating the process/not having to be logged in all the time? Can set targets but time to react/alter if necessary. Or will I have to wait until he’s £10.01 to do that?

    Then, what about these other players that I’m buying like Dubois, St Juste and Lasagna? I’m not expecting them to suddenly be £6 but they’ve got me divs/might go up a little for one reason or another but how will Sell Offers on these players differ from the current low bids? I mean I can set an optimistic/reasonable Sell Offer on this player but if people will only buy at 20p less...

    I know that this is a kick up the backside for the fundamentals of why to buy a player, growth, expectation (Divs) and exit points etc but if Sell Offers arrive today does that help holders of J-K Augustin or Japhet Tanganga? It’s all the more reason to get players cheap as poss now isn’t it so you’ve got some sort of head start and are not trying to climb to zero if you know what I mean?

    Many thanks

  • @NewUser626225 said in Market not functioning correctly:

    there is only a 1/3rd order book system in place?!!! 2/3rds still to go?!! wow

    well that's fine but don't market yourself as a stock market or address tweets to "traders" if you do not have a full order book system. simple.

    share traders know that without sellers there no buyers and visa versa. Otherwise there is no liquidity. And no liquidity = no market.

    I think the site has to be careful how they are selling this site

    I just realised you joined the platform 10 days ago ... i take it you are not enjoying yourself then mate?? 🤣

    If you want to sit and vent your frustration at not understanding the platform in its current state, fine go ahead! 👍

    But I suggest it would probably be more appropriate to discuss your concerns with customer support, rather than other users of the platform ...

    I am only trying to help and provide advice to any trader, new and old, based on my knowledge of the platform and experience as a 'trader'! 🤣😉

    All the best for the future. 👍

  • @johnboywalker

    😁 I’d be well happy if I was new to FI.
    So many bargains at the moment.
    Add to that dividend increase, FI taking their risk away etc ...

  • @johnboywalker said in Market not functioning correctly:

    @NewUser218220 said in Market not functioning correctly:

    I had 50 shares for sale in rayhaan tulloch at 75p in the sale cue.
    Just clicked on him his sale price was 65p but there was 40 shares available to sell at 77p.
    I cancelled the sale in the cue and IS 40 shares at 77p
    I find it crazy that the shares in the cue where not sold. so basically people that are trying to sell shares in the cue will only sell when people buy at the buy now price. Which no one is except At the top end.

    This is correct. But remember we are only 1/3 of the way towards full nasdaq powered order books. By the end of this month, sell orders should be available and things will start to look a little more balanced.

    My advice at this point is to top up or buy shares in the suffering 'non premium' holds via the matching engine at a massively discounted price.

    For example, I topped up on 25 year old Rongier (Marseille) today at 65p, (worth 79p). Surely within 3 years time, his price will increase. Either by his performances on the pitch or as the platform continues to grow.

    The only way I see that trade not making me money in the long term is if the platform fails, and I am currently as confident as I've ever been in the long term future of 'the dex'! 👍

    Don't stress mate, I’ve seen the future, and its full o' fucking rockets! 🚀🥳🥳🚀🚀🚀

    Yes we are only into phase 1 of the move to order books, there are lots quirky holes...

    im doing exaclty waht JBW says, one of the quirky holes is that you can get some players at lowest bid price if you are on it and watching the IS depth... massively reducing initial cost price on players that were valued reasonably with yields from this divs table... with a bigger divs table coming it will just be a matter of time for the money to trickle to players that prove they perform on the pb matrix... weve seen yth bubbles before, next holders get impatient of holding very expensive players but not winning any dividends, so i agree with @johnboywalker the time now is to buy the pb players where their IS is below cost price...adds a layer of safety/dip buying.

    This div rise better be decent though and followed up with decent rises annually now that FI are out of the market. If this div rise doesn't continue the positive momentum they've managed to grab onto recently, it will turn sour very quickly- especially those buying yth at £9.

  • @King-Fergus said in Market not functioning correctly:


    😁 I’d be well happy if I was new to FI.
    So many bargains at the moment.
    Add to that dividend increase, FI taking their risk away etc ...

    Its a catch 22 isn't it. The only reason I am so confident in the platform is due to experience ...

    I'd love to be starting afresh! 🤑🤑🤑🚀🚀🚀

    My first year on the platform was full of shitey pants, panic selling and pyramid scheme conspiracies! 🤣🙈 so I can totally empathise with new traders that are worrying!!

  • Well your all be pleased to hear someone’s just sold me back my 40 shares at .62p
    The big question is who the mug is? 👍

  • @NewUser218220 To him, you might be the mug lol

    Its all subjective

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