Have FI made a mistake?

  • Just wondering on people's thoughts here. Is all the football index advertising in the summer the best time for them to spend this money on advertising?

    The logic being we all know this time is called the silly season and those who lived through January know it's very hit and miss. My concern is a lot of new money comes in but then quickly backs out due to the nature of the summer market.


  • Without a doubt any new customer will get dropped in the deep end!! Prob make a few quid during the World Cup but a harsh lesson when to take a profit and not get greedy easy said than done

  • Yeah I agree, I can imagine a lot of users will sign up during the World Cup, some may make some money but most probably: 1) won't expect the drop in value of certain players that will happen, and 2) not expect/understand/want to be involved in the 'media madness' in which investment from a wide ranging number of players will flow into a few.

    From then and between the new season starting, having not had enough time to get to grips and appreciate FI, a lot will likely withdraw their funds (regardless of profit or loss) and not return.

    Obviously some will stay, and the total number of active users will increase in general so it's not negative at all, but the money spent on advertising would have a far better impact in terms of new users/total deposits/retained users, towards the start of the new season. In my inexperienced opinion anyway :)

  • I think FI generally do a good job pushing the £100/£500 risk free week which gives people a little bit of time to get used to the platform (not long enough but still better than nothing) maybe pushing this to 2 weeks or a month would help out?

    I doubt many people put £1000s in before testing the waters a bit.

  • So Blaklion fell at the first hurdle... should I ask Paddy for my money back?!!! It's so not fair that I gambled and lost.

  • I dont think its FI's or our job to babysit any newbies that decide to put their money in here? Most traders will have a trading/betting background... And although they'll be a few losers along the way (in particular those probably expecting to double their profit immediately) some will find it might not actually be for them whilst others will stay, get hooked and learn from their own mistakes they make.

    Are FI making a mistake? No... Certainly not... The format is brilliant and we want as many people who can get on it to join in because that's what will make it even more profitable long term... So why not market it as much as possible over and during the biggest soccer competition on the planet?

  • Agree with @dannypea. It's not as if people go crying to Paddy when they lose. Although the terminology is similar to investing...it is still gambling. The moaning about losing is nauseating.

  • @dannypea totally agree I been on here a since start of April made a couple of mistakes but I'm 50 up on an 850 put in and I'm still getting used to quality players being squad players but I trust my instinct and find it safer than betting

  • @NewUser109527 just hope journalists don't start manipulating the market

  • It'll happen when it's more mainstream no doubt. Still early days. And I agree atm, with a considered strategy and conservative approach it's better than betting. I've reduced my betting and increased my holding here.

  • I think the point isn't so much about winning or losing. You bet on the National and your horse falls, you lose your money, but you get it and you'll probably try again next year. On the Index over the summer especially it can be hard to understand why prices are going up and down the way they are unless you're already familiar with how the market operates. Very quick major movements on the basis of rumours you might not even have heard, etc. If you don't understand why you're losing money you're less likely to give it a chance and more likely to tell others it's a con. Whereas start of the season when the top players' prices are likely to be rising and if one of your players has a great game they can both win you dividends and show capital appreciation it's easier to get "hooked". I think that was the point @Noirx4 was trying to make. That even though World Cup advertising seems like an obvious winner, it might not actually be the most efficient time to spend all that money, in terms of bringing in long-term traders who will continue to invest. But on the other hand, it does of course make sense to go all out advertising this football platform around the biggest football tournament of all.

  • @BL__FI basically exactly what I was thinking. Was just curious on people's thoughts

  • Yeah noir I hadn't thought of it like that. O wasn't here last summer but heard all about the volatility. I'm glad I joined in December. Had a smaller transfer window to work through while there were still games. And only now after nearly 4 months do I feel more confident in picking stuff by myself without someone affirming my picks for me. So it could put a few new ppl off which isn't our concern at the end of the day like someone said, but it's in our interests to have as much money in the market as possible. I hope everyone on the forum stays friendly and helps the newbies along the way, the way I've been helped by a few members. I know it's what helped me learn.

  • Absolutely the right time. This will be the biggest target audience possible until the next WC. There’s £500 risk free and plenty of chat on here, YouTube and ability to test the waters yourself too. If people put in a load of money without fully understanding it and then get burned, that would be the case during the WC or if it were to happen randomly in November or something. People should know it’s their own responsibility and FI have done well to make clear it is technically betting. Some will come and go but that’d be the same either way anyway. Looking forward to more growth and people involved 💪

  • @John-Renwick yep I think the forum will be more important than ever :)

  • @FranklynMary I've done 10 years in business and my spider senses tell me they've picked the best time to capitalise on the biggest uptake but the timing with transfer season could well also produce the lowest new customer retention rates.

    Most of the folk on this forum are here because they want to learn and develop their ability but I think we are in the minority. Most people tend to have a go, feel initial pain from losing then decide it's not for them.

  • @Mr-Matt
    Absolutely but with any surge in new customers, it’ll mean a spike in players and a lot of investers selling and taking profit, leaving others with a loss anyway. It’s better to do it at a time where the opportunity is so big and where better than the time of the WC? 25% of 10,000,000 is better than 10% of 1,000,000. If people get burned and go in clueless, tbh that’s their fault. If I made mistakes (and I have slightly since I’ve started) that’s on me and it’s my responsibility to learn and do everything I can to the best of my knowledge and what is financially possible. If others don’t then they’re not for the platform and certainly not for the long term 👍

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