• If the rumours are true and Thiago leaves Bayern this summer, do we think goretzka could see a big rise? Since Thiago has been out injured he’s been putting in some big scores, and with the champions league returning he could prove to be real value? Opinions?

  • I think even without Thiago leaving, Goretzka is going to rise and seems to be forming a great midfielder partnership with Kimmich.

  • @NewUser233665 There is more sentiment around Goretzka than I can remember. He’s a nailed on riser for the new season whether there was a dividend increase or not.

  • Both are safe - thiago you have an underpriced PB player with a the potential of a transfer ANd goretzka very underpriced

  • I’d 100% buy Goretzka over Thiago, Goretzka is definitely on my watch list and I do have the intention to buy him at some point over the next few weeks 👍🏼 I prefer Goretzka playing deeper as he gets a higher base score and still seems to be able to grab a goal

  • he has serious goal threat. Gets in the box all the time.

    Thaigo is a good punt right now - move to Liverpool = Rocketime
    if no move then I'd be happy to hold at Bayern

  • Yeah I definitely think it’s just a matter of time before goretzka really picks up, since playing alongside kimmich he’s regularly beaten his scores and beaten him to no.1 spot on a few occasions

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