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  • Evening all.

    My first post on this forum; but first I’d like to thank the regular contributors to this forum. I’ve taken a keen read of @Erased-Citizen thread, but seen great information from @Baydog and @Martyn-B too.

    I’ll keep it short - I originally joined FI in 2017. I was novice; didn’t know about the forum and expected to see bigger returns quicker similar to traditional betting (if you win). Decided FI wasn’t for me and withdrew my money - a regret I’ll hold for many a year in the future. Since I tried to get back into it a few times, but struggled and went through the same cycle as above. Lockdown presented me an opportunity to ‘learn’ the platform better. Fortunately, I found the forum. It keeps me engaged and there’s nothing better than reading good stories of people who’ve made serious ££, making serious ££ or just here for the enjoyment.

    I plan to be more patient this time round, I have built a portfolio that I honestly don’t expect to see any returns from in the next 6-12 months.

    I’ve sat and read many posts during the last 3 months, so once again a thank you to frequent contributors and their insights and advice.

    If anyone’s still reading/interested, my portfolio is;
    Aaron Wan Bissaka
    Frenkie De Jong
    Mohammed Salisu
    Dean Henderson
    David Brooks
    Kasper Dolberg
    Eden Hazard
    Vinicius Jr
    Nicolo Zaniolo
    Jean Clair Todibo

  • It’s a great place full of people with genuine advice and who grab you by the collar if you’re losing your head and put an arm around you.

    Yes it can get silly at times (that has died right down) but in the main there are some fab people on here.

    I’m too inexperienced to advise on your port but I’m sure others will.

    Welcome back 👍🏼

  • You must be gutted that you didn't stick around in 2017 - ouch! You will definitely find it a more engaging place by reading the forum.. I only discovered it after about a year, and I did not contribute until recently as I could not work out how to log on 😂

  • Thanks, @Erased-Citizen. Your thread is probably a fair reflection of the thoughts I’ve had over the last 3 months too. Perspective and patience are my two key words!

  • @Baydog too right, been kicking myself for the last 3 years! Enough kicking and time to try and grab some of what’s left!

  • @Highfields96

    Welcome back to FI and welcome to the forum. Forget about what could have been if you had stuck with it last time but learn from your mistakes. Sure you will do much better this time and we are all still early pioneers on the FI journey.

    Not sure what I have said in the past that you have noticed but seeing as the only player we have in common is Eden Hazard I am glad you are not expecting quick profits!! He is world class and expecting big things from him next season, or he flops and a big money transfer looms with plenty of MB and the Euro's.

    Find out what sort of trader you are, what your risk appetites are, how many players you like in your portfolio, don't panic during the dips, buy with ME and sell by MS whenever you can, read the forum and most importantly enjoy it 👍.

  • @Highfields96 got no advise on the port but I did the same thing joining in 2017 and getting board. It is good to hear from someone else understands the pain 🤣 (in the nicest possible way). Welcome back!

  • @Highfields96 welcome back to the future of online betting

  • I did the same! Bought Neymar and Ozil. With my measly stake. Didn’t fully get it and sold up a few days later.
    The divs and cap app from Neymar alone would have been brilliant if I’d just done the research and had the confidence to pile more in that I have in the platform now! Or even just left it!
    But as @Martyn-B says. No point in dwelling. Welcome back 😬

  • At the end of the day no one has a crystal ball, if so I'd have sold my house and put it all on Bruno last year and be in the Caribbean now!😁
    I think Zaniolo is destined for big things, got unlucky with the injury but already back playing now!
    Hazard...just worries me he's 30 in January and injuries may get worse?!

  • @Martyn-B thanks! A player with Hazard’s quality has to come good soon right? Thought I’d got a bargain picking him up at £3.59 the other week, now £3!

  • @Wynnston Thanks - it was a strange time. Could see the potential of the platform, but I was too impatient. I hope that experience will keep me on a better path this time!

  • @Zaka_7 my first buys were Harry Kane @ £4.45 Ronaldo @ £3.07. I won 10% dividends on them and still decided it wasn’t for me! I’m sure there are plenty of other people in our boat.

  • @Highfields96 Great player at a shocking price. I did similar, sold Neymar a week ago to partially fund buying Hazard and VVD. Delighted with my trading but got the timing of all 3 slightly wrong. Everyone's hindsight is 20:20!

  • @Marksandygill very true, although not one of my best decisions to walk away from here! Zaniolo got 20 minutes the other night, think it’s quite rare these days that a player at a top club doesn’t return properly from an ACL now. Hazard will probably be one of those players who splits opinion - going to reduce my average buy price with the ME and hold until the Euro’s, hope he doesn’t get injured and then there’s a flurry of interest in him.

  • @Martyn-B ouch! Hazard @ 3 for me is a risk worth taking. His confidence is on the floor, but with Zidane I feel it could return; I’m actually surprised the COVID break didn’t help him more.

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