• The name speaks for itself.
    I dont usually bother with proven div winers, I usually like to pick youth for CA, however im getting a feeling about Messi right now, Ive often debated about holding him many times as his price is just "right".

    His age scares me but his div returns catches my eye.
    Im trying to figure out if anyone else thinks he might jump ship to a "better" league that could extend his career a bit longer?
    Or am I just being mad and his price is going to tank even further?

  • I had to sell, my issue isn't Messi its the team around him, its not good enough and its holding him back!
    He's just as likely to quit as move abroad! I can't see his price ever going up, look at Ronaldo for where it will probably end up?
    It's like a game of chicken, he might have a year, he might have 3 but no one knows!😁 having said that, the MB when he retires will probably pay your investment off...

  • I've got the opposite view really. He is a fantastic hold and the amount of divs he brings is incredible. This may not be important to you but he also brings a big element of fun as he is ALWAYS in contention for top forward and star player.

    He is going to get Barto out of the club and then we should see things improve on a large scale. There is absolutely no chance that he suddenly retires/moves to Argentina. If he was to move to another PB league then I would probably try to arrange a bank holiday because it was so amazing and mental.

    I've held him for 8 months and he has brought back around 22% in divs. When the increase is announced he will see a rise and I will make my money back comfortably in the long run.

  • I got on Messi using ME at £4.87 shortly before the La Liga restarted as I thought his IPD potential in that period was very promising. I only went for a small holding of 20 futures and tbh one of the big draws was just having Messi in my portfolio. The only premium hold I've ever gone for has been Neymar and I had a spare £100 so I thought what the heck.

    My plan is to hold him for a full year but exit if ever clears £6.50 or his divs earnings clear 40-50%. Potentially ambitious targets but I'm enjoying having him in my port, as another poster said he makes match days more fun as it's realistic he could win PB regularly. If you can get him for anywhere in and around the £5.00 mark, I think he has more than time at the top to earn some good money. He's a proven MB and PB hold and I don't see that drying up quickly. If Barcelona do concede the La Liga title to Real Madrid, I expect to see a response to that next season too.

  • I got on Messi just before La liga was postponed because he had games against the 2 of the bottom three. I believe it was also during the 8.25% DB so already he returned a nice amount.

    Not including the extra dividend payments from various promotions since then he has returned me 70p a share in divs and 24p in cap app.

    I don't hold a huge amount due to the risks but i am 100% confident i will make a profit from Messi and in the mean time it gives me a shout of PB every time he plays.

  • The general consensus is that Messi is a FUN hold. Totally agree.

    I bought him last year at his absolute peak of £6.71 😭. Lost a lot in capital depreciation but last month his divs actually took me into profit! I've recently used the matching engine to top up and get my buy price down to £6.31, whilst increasing my hold in him to rake in more divs. He'll never hit £6 again but that is fine. Will he return £5 of divs between now and retirement? Well worth the gamble!

    It's always a blast having Messi playing in the last game of the night on a Gold Day. He very rarely doesn't deliver in these late kick offs either (only beaten by a hat-trick from some turd last time😡)

    If you buy Messi now, we are going down with the ship gents! For a fiver, we must hold till the end. Shit or bust, he who dares!

  • Just wait till messi hits back to back star man wins with the new dividends scheme.
    Only a matter of time

  • @King-Fergus That's what it is!!

    He is saving his wins for the new div structure. What a nice guy that Messi is.

  • @London-Is-Blue
    Haha he’s been pretty nice to me since from about 18 months back. 😁

  • Messi could well get star man tonight. Perfect timing going into tomorrow. I hold 200 - a nice amount to get a steady stream of divs in but not too high risk either.

  • I've seen a fair few buys of Messi going through the ticker.
    ME still a bit of an unknown for a few traders

  • @ScouseSte You say he’ll never hit £6 again but there’s no reason whatsoever why not. If the div increase is say 50% and even if somebody thought he’s £1 overpriced now (which he’s not) then logically he should hit £6.

  • Yeah I fully expect to hit £6 at some point the season if not tomo eve ;)

  • If you can get him on the ME below £5 then that's well worth it

  • @Chap I’m not that confident he will because this market isn’t all that logical but if he doesn’t off the back of a 50%+ rise I’d be very tempted to just let him sit until retirement.

  • @Chap @Mr-Atouba

    I'll be pleasantly surprised if you're right 😊

    If he wins PB today then it's more likely 👍

  • I would be shocked if he didn't have some sort of rise.

    At the last dividend restructure in Nov, he was around the £5 mark at the start of Oct and we were pre-told what the rise would be mid Oct (I have an email from the 19th Oct) and we were then told that the new dividends would start from the 1st November.

    His graph shows an intial spike to around £5.80 mid Oct and then a rise to £6.70 on the 31st October.

    Obviously past rises don't mean a massive deal especially as this time we don't know the increased amounts but hopefully this will give us some inclination of what to expect as holders.

  • @CTFi642

    Yes I bought him on that day after putting it off for months 🙈. £6.71! 😯

  • I've been in FI for about 2 years.

    My highest dividend player is Messi at just over £1,000... next best is £250.

    He's such a good price, but the risk is his rolling 1 year contracts. If he goes back to Argentina, then there'll be a problem!

    However, he's still the best player in the world and you can see Ronaldo is still top scorer in Italy at 36, so there are years left in him before he retires in Argentina.

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