• Hello, I'm quite new to FI and I'm trying to find 'undervalued players' Would you say someone like Mitrovic would fall into this? Scoring plently goals for Fulham, scoring plenty goals for Serbia leading up to a world cup and unwanted at Newcastle so potential transfer? 89p?

  • I would say yes... Every player will have their ceiling but Mitrovic is still young, as you say currently on form and will be going to the WC.. A good comp could see his sock rise and he'll probably leave Newcastle in the summer so even if he rises to £1.10-£1.20 anything 20% or higher is a steady profit to make on him.

    Worst case scenario he stays at Fulham and loses you 10-20p... He's pretty low risk so not much of a gamble to take.

  • He is on on Watchlist and I am very keen just don't have any available funds at the moment

  • I would suggest Luka Jovic could start over someone in the championship with the quality he's been showing if late

  • @SMacFI are you his agent??? ;-)

    In defence of Mitrovic lets deal with some facts... Mitrovic has started 4 of Serbia's last five games scoring three goals (two in his last outing) and with the form he's on i think they'll pick him in the starting XI for the pre-tournament friendlies at least and go from there... which suggests he has a better chance of starting than Jovic who's not yet been capped?

    Not saying Jovic is a bad buy because if he does make the squad then he could do very well... But Mitrovic is 100% on the plane and has a 75% of staring whilst you could say Jovic has a 25% of getting called up and even less chance of starting... So on that basis the odds stack in favor of Mitrovic for the up coming tournament at least?

    Could be totally wrong of course.... Which is why I wouldn't touch either myself!!!!

  • Haha, it's starting to look that way eh. But yeah your facts stack up , there's always a few syrpruce players that set the WC in fire and he's not exactly got a bad scoring record playing in a top team in germany, and as we know, no one has him tied down so keeps going the way he is who knows what could happen. But a more of a facts man than a guessing man but could be interest for sure

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