Share split

  • Apologies for appearing stupid but could someone explain to me what share split it if it materialises

  • In the past FI did a quarter share splt, this was back when there was only media buzz at 20p, they essentially gave every trader 4 times the number of shares they already owned but at 1 quarter the value. ex. I own 100 Neymar worth £1, I now own 400 worth 25p, the MB payout was then quartered to 5p a day.

    This obviously now makes Neymar much more attractive for new investors.

    It's been mentioned elsewhere that due to the more complicated media & performance payouts that this unlikely to happen again any time soon, but who knows.

  • @AT10 on the Q&A it was the one Adam seemed more open to than a change to dividend structure

  • @Noirx4 really? Wow, that would be interesting, I missed this Q&A but last time he shot the share split idea down cold

  • Ok thanks for explaining that. So the main thing is you don’t lose out.

  • @AT10 as from the horses mouth


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