Kevin De Bruyne

  • De Bruyne’s price is a fascinating puzzle imo.
    I’d love to hear what price people value him at and maybe why?

  • He's a frustrating hold as he usually coasts towards winning top midfielder/star man and then Pep subs him around 70mins.

    I think he's very good value and is guaranteed returns - plus Belgium will be strong for the euros next summer.

  • Perfect PB player on the surface, but injury record, age, City's looming CL ban.

  • What @Wolvesfan1980 and @Rocky-Raccoon said combined with Man City media black hole.

    So to summarize:-
    Age, CL ban, Injury record, Man City squad rotation and Man City lack of MB.

  • Best player in the league by some distance I think, fantastic PB player, can win star man on any day. BUT what happened to Kroos massively puts me off KDB and City's Champions League situation, I'd probably say his price is about fair but he's just not for me based on a lot of things that drive the index

  • He's going to win star man tonight, and then I'm going to sell him, at a profit, when he goes up in value...then my kids will leave home and become doctors like Doogie Howser and I'll win the lottery...🤑🤞

  • Gets subbed a lot which is annoying but it looks like there will be 5 subs next season so this should only help in the hunt for divs (with other players being subbed too)

    Don’t understand his price, buy now and you hold him for two seasons and the Euros and a World Cup before finding a good jumping off point.

    Perhaps it’s the European ban for city that hinders him 🤷‍♂️

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