Any more massive rises?

  • Do you see anyone else's price shooting up before the announcement ?

  • @Willhurr no all the big PB players have been loaded up on now. Id look for some bargains on the matching engine

  • Football is an ever changing environment which leads to opportunities galore, if your feeling like your missing out then don’t.
    Just do your research on what could be around the corner and you might get someone with a rocket.
    The index has always provided rockets on players consistently

  • Foden has had a decent rise today. I'm not looking to buy anyone just curious to see what others are thinking

  • @Stevo definitely some lower end players looking super cheap I agree

  • I hold Fabian Ruiz and I'm very happy with his base pb score tonight. Surprised he hasn't seen a rise with announcement round the corner. Iv I had more spare cash I'd top up. Can anyone explain to me why people wait till the announcement before going mad and buying in. I know there will be a big rush after, if I had cash I'd be all over these pb players now. Lower end is looking tasty. I cant market sell anyone to free up cash.

  • @AndydfopT to be fair it happened towards the end of last season too - the PB market loses direction as users are drawn towards youth/transfers. Very little reactive trading during/after games.

    Great time to buy the top consistent PB players - especially with the ME up and running.

  • If I knew the answer to this question then I’d be a lot better trader than my current numbers suggest!

    Having said that, I guess the answer is “Yes”. I just don’t know who!

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