ROI Hunting - Potential 100 Percenters!

  • Hello all, welcome back to the blog. Excited about tomorrow? I am. Although my expectations are low. What do you guys think will be the outcome? Anyway, here is part II of my Ligue 1 PumpFest. This time I take a look at the guys I think could make you 100% ROI over the coming season or so. Let me know what you think or other guys you think could hit the 100% mark.

  • There’s a distinct lack of my portfolio represented!

    I nearly messaged you about Loiodice. Haven’t had much luck with him on ME.

    Never ever saw Rongier do much of note in a Nantes shirt but those were my pre FI days. Maybe just stringing a few passes together in the centre circle equates to PB.

    I’m looking forward to seeing Pedro Chirivella and hope FI will add Imran Louza too. Don’t forget to big up Abdoulaye Toure sometime. He’s on pens these days and West Ham are interested... having said that, every sub 50p player that I click on is linked to West Ham!

    You might also like to big up Moses Simon (Don’t forget the World Cup!) and ex-Canaris Adrien Thomasson (Eligible for Croatia!). Basically any Nantes/ex-Nantes player, anything you can do to push their price up. Thanks!!!

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