Is someone taking a punt on PB for goalkeepers?

  • Found it interesting that at present the two highest risers in the squad list today are the goalkeepers for Real Madrid and Real Sociedad.


    FYI both teams are involved in what would be a bronze day this Friday.

  • I bought 100 in six keepers a few weeks ago on this possibility.........

  • It always happens. And people are always disappointed.

    It's actually worth buying keepers on the post-announcement dip to then sell them again when the next speculation starts.

  • Rulli was on loan at Montpellier so his season is finished.

  • Yeah but imagine a day with 1 game, you've got a 50/50 chance of winning! It would have to be a small dividend as there are so few GK, their price would be ridiculous!!๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿš€๐Ÿš€๐Ÿš€๐Ÿš€๐Ÿš€

  • GKs could easily be purchased on ME for a massive discount so not sure this buyer knows what they are doing.

  • I bought one youngish goalkeeper for less than 30p with ten/eleven Serie A games IPD eligible (1 CS already) Links to elsewhere. Club could improve and get into Europe. He could get international recognition. One goalkeeper, might just win PB on a quiet day once in three years and if by some miracle FI do anything for goalkeepers then great.

  • @PaulM strakosha?

  • I did toy with the idea of picking up a few GKs via ME at very cheap prices. Considered Gomis, Perin, Benitez but in the end abandoned the idea after thinking it over.

    Ended up with just 1 GK - 60 shares of Edouard Mendy at 16p. Rennes in Europe next year so slim chance he wins PB in Ligue 1 or in CL. Could be a viable strategy but seemed easier to make my money work elsewhere in the short term.

  • Juan Musso

    Just to be clear, Iโ€™m not expecting European qualification this season. Just double checked and theyโ€™re more likely to get relegated! Links to Chelsea and Inter. Kept clean sheet and were 2-0 up in second game after 80 mins... before it all went wrong!

    Fingers crossed for another CS or two and then... you never know!

  • If they said 1p for a penalty save and 1p for a clean sheet for PB league keepers (Thats what, just over a 100 keepers realistically?), this place would bloody love it and the index would grow massively as they are so frigging cheap.

    So they won't (probably).

  • Bought Martinez myself when Leno got injured thinking it would be a long term injury, 26p, had 3 clean sheets in 4 and Iโ€™ve been impressed every game with him tbh... hoping he keeps his place next season!

  • If that divs table thats doing the rounds is genuine, it seems that there will be a GK clean sheet bonus for first 30 days ! Keepers are cheap as chips on FI -Let the carnage commence!

  • @Leighton said in Is someone taking a punt on PB for goalkeepers?:

    If that divs table thats doing the rounds is genuine, it seems that there will be a GK clean sheet bonus for first 30 days ! Keepers are cheap as chips on FI -Let the carnage commence!

    GK clean sheet for IPDs has been around since November 2018!

    0_1594260881772_Dividend Table 221118OLD.PNG

  • Im 600 deep in 2 young lads, a complete gamble that FI may one day bring in GK divs.

  • Iโ€™m expecting IPD for a CS to rise to 2p. I think that will be enough to see some fairly hefty % increase in keepers

  • I used to iPd flip a few goalies , Sels was my favourite as he always seemed to have a 2p spread, so did others but I think there were a few people around doing it quietly as I could normally market sell some keepers .

    Spreads are way to big or non existent sell prices now so itโ€™s not worth it, I might seem a good idea but you wonโ€™t be able to get rid of them unless they think of some amazing idea

  • I cant say I'm not happy right now!!!

  • So which keepers normally do well with PB scores?

  • Whoever 'James' is, he's laughing! Been buying keepers last 48 hours, spending THOUSANDS

    Deffo knew but I don't care. Team of the friicken month for me!!!

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