Why does the PB dividend increase matter?!

  • Stay with me here;

    22 match days ago Havertz won midfielder/star man and Sterling won forward

    Dybala has won forward twice and star once since then.

    Until Salah won tonight no player worth more than £3.50 has won apart from Dybala, that's 2 out of 63 PB positions!!

    This season from the same players only Messi has returned more than 6% on PB! It's just odd we're getting so worked up about something that pretty much comes down to chance?!

    MB is where the real money is...😁

  • You can't build a portfolio around MB promos.
    Covid media madness, Summer's without football. These promos are last resort to keep the market moving and FI will not put one on unless forced.

    Look ahead:
    Quick turnaround for 20/21 season and late finish.
    Euro's Summer 21
    Early season start 2022/23 to fit in Winter 2022 World Cup.
    Late finish 2022/23 and another quick turnaround for 23/24

    I can't see an obvious media promo coming up.

  • PB dividend increases are required.
    We have invested in a growing platform that like most growing companies could well be running at a loss.
    If the company does not grow, it's backers will pull the plug and we will lose our money.
    In order to sustain growth, dividend returns need to keep pace and remain at an attractive level.

  • @Robin-Friday
    You can build a port around media with a few pb and up and coming players. It’s the easiest way to earn divs most players on here will have the media players as there bread and butter for divs, I have and nearly free rolling with the players that have earned more divs than what They are worth now.

  • Sorry I shouldn't have mentioned MB, problem is Coronavirus has messed it up this year!

    My point was about trying to buy players based on the randomness of PB, Man City win 5-0 and Silva (who's retiring) wins star man?

    Wasn't it a case that PB used to be limited to the top 200? Just seems like that's were the issue lies, not with the amount of the actual dividend?

    I could probably knock off 70% of my dividend winnings if I discounted MB!!

  • @Marksandygill think MB used to be limited to the top 200, not PB or else there would literally have been no point in holding anyone outside the top 200

  • @Marksandygill

    MB used to be Top 200 only, now open to all. PB has always been open to all.

    There is wall to wall football virtually until Summer 2023. So a far reduced number of treble media days, therefore less MB value than normal.

    I would say the value at the moment is the sub £2 PB market. I have had an amazing month with three of my favourite holds, Willian, Ramos and Cuadrado.

    Value everywhere and we all play the same game differently.

  • @Marksandygill wait til Neymar is back playing fit and happier than this season... look how well he did, 5th top pb earner with so little game time compared to those above him, plus he was unfit and unhappy for the majority of those games...

    0_1594284542736_Neymar games.PNG

  • I know, I think I'm just over-analysing it! :)

    I just look at Mbappe and think, how is he worth £10+ when he has returned 2.8% in PB and MB in the last 2 seasons?!

    And I bought Willian the other day before his star man, 10% return in one night! :)

  • @Marksandygill said in Why does the PB dividend increase matter?!:

    I just look at Mbappe and think, how is he worth £10+ when he has returned 2.8% in PB and MB in the last 2 seasons?

    He isn't; everyone claims to be chasing capital appreciation with these young, generational talents but their price is ultimately only built around 2 factors;

    1. Dividends they can win
    2. Longevity, i.e. time over which they are able to compete for dividends

    Price comes down to dividends either way, it's possible to compile a case that being so young these type of players can improve (as most have appalling dividend win records) & that they have plenty of time (& future dividend increases) over which to do it, which is why the likes of Mbappe, Greenwood, Foden etc are so highly rated. The analysis very rarely takes into account them unfulfilling their clear talent (hundreds of example of such failure), serious injury (luck plays a part in all careers) or a multitude of other risk factors. However be in no doubt "the greater fool" selling strategy operates very successfully across most of these "youth bubble" talents but in reality many will fail & most will not return their current value in dividend, even if they had a 40 year career!

    Not knocking these players in particular they are just the highest profile examples of where prices can run ahead of current (& potential future IMHO) earnings, some will actually become the next Messi or Neymar (both on the field & dividend earners) but the majority won't & knowing when to sell onto the greater fool will become an increasing more important exit strategy, as prices climb ever higher.

    Current top 50 is exactly half young prospects, priced £3+ & I would predict fewer than half (probably far less) will return at least that in dividends over their careers.

  • @Geronimo159387 yeah that's kind of what I was trying to get across!

    As FI grows I imagine the well known players will keep increasing in value as long as the Divs increase as well? Knowing when to sell is going to be difficult! :)

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