dani ceballos

  • rumours he is off to Liverpool cheap at 1.40?

  • @Teddy808 Deal is pretty much confirmed, I worry there might be a drop when it's announced. This tends to happen when transfers are confirmed

  • he's a squad bulker.... will certainly get more game time at Liverpool than perhaps at Real but I worry if he'll settle well enough to trouble the starting XI on a regular basis?

    Maybe at 1.40 there's enough to make a quick 50p or so but I brought a while back for a small flip so wouldn't be tempted again... I'll probably just bide my team until September when he's at £3 taking the EPL by storm following my failed predictions!!!

  • Massively rate the potential in this guy, I know Real are stuffed with decent midfielders but in 1 of his 2 starts he got both their goals in a 2-1 win over Alaves - he should have started more games. Also hit a hat-trick for Spain U-21s in October(ish) can't believe I was looking at him at 85p not long ago thinking bargain! Wish my club was trying to sign him :-(

    But don't get me wrong I'll be selling what I own and re-buying after the usual post-signing dip.

  • @AT10 generally that's how transfers work but in this case I don't see why he won't rise a lot more by next year

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