England players Media divs

  • While Bruno, sancho etc are all rising with the dividend announcement, does anyone else See media value in the likes of Sterling and Kane with the Euro’s in mind?

  • Medium to long term certainly. Sterling, Rashford, Kane etc. will be media gold in the lead up to / at Euro 2021.

  • You would imagine so, I wasnt around for the last world cup so no idea what happened then?
    You almost need someone to get injured and be a doubt! I imagine young players like Greenwood and Foden are worth a look as well, all you need is one of them to play well in a friendly or at the tournament and they will fly!!

  • @FI-Hornet-Joe said in England players Media divs:

    Medium to long term certainly. Sterling, Rashford, Kane etc. will be media gold in the lead up to / at Euro 2021.

    Don't we need a clear asterisk here. * Depending on how international media effects the rebalance.

    If the europe media are talking as much as England about their own teams it could be a wash and they will not benifit from media in the euros.

  • @NewUser607503 yeah, maybe... depends whether English media remains the dominant sources.

  • For the World Cup, all England players gained value leading up to to the competition so whether or not they actually win media, they should be decent holds leading up to Euro 21.

  • If you consider that Kane (Although its worth noting that he has a goal and an assist im his last 2 games) and Rashford are out of form at the moment having been out for months through injury, i suspect they will hit a purple patch either before the end of his season or early next season after they have had a further opportunity to get up to speed.

    in addition to this i suspect the transfer spec will ramp up for Kane this summer should Tottenham continue to struggle (either that or Mourinho leaves which again will cause a spike)

    regards Sterling i think his price will naturally rise when people compare him to those around him who are flying, remember he is still only 25.

    Add the euros factor in to all of the above and i make all 3 sound investments at the moment each of which will potentially bring home both PB and MB over the next 12 months.

  • If we get a circa 50% dividend increase (across all categories) later today, then the likes of Kane, Rashford and Sterling will offer good value and great potential for growth leading up to Euro 2021 and then onto the World Cup in 2022.

    Interestingly the top 3 dividend earners during World Cup 2018 were Ronaldo, Kane and Neymar.

  • I think we can throw Maguire into the mix also, as he's gone up another level since joining United and will be spoke about in regards to Euros and World Cup.

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