Wenger leaving Arsenal

  • What does this mean for Arsenal players on the index, potential transfers, use of youngsters until the end of the season...

  • @NewUser77132 I don't think it will make any change to players values this season. Arsenal need to secure 6th so they can make Europa League at least next season. They will prioritize winning this year though over league position so they can get in Champs League.

  • woooooow... at last for many and i think it gives a bit of excitement into the gunners boring recent history.... Vieira has been mentioned but be interesting if they go tried & tested or for someone younger??? I think it will have a positive effect on the market as they could be a force again due to the potential they have in the squad..... Three or four players could make a huge difference to how they play and I doubt Wenger would have changed much had he stayed???? Be certainly some buzz on the club to come.... It's days like this when i wished Football Index had a Managers version!!!!

  • I can see Benitez going there

  • just had a look at the odds and I like Nagelsmann at 25/1 but doubt they'll go down that route as he'll need time.. Lucien Favre fits the Arsenal way at 10/1 but he'll be a gamble too.... Think certainly Vieira (although not experienced enough for me) will be favourite but I like Allegri, Jogi Loew perhaps or as a big outsider Laurent Blanc who knows what it takes to win a league.

    Will be interesting to see what direction the club take though?

  • @dannypea Lucien Favre is taking the job of Peter Stoeger probably in summer. I cant see him as Arsenal coach. But maybe Marco Rose from RB Salzburg could be the new Arsenal coach in summer :-). Marco Rose has done an amazing job in RB Salzburg, look at his statistic.....

  • @NewUser38991 is he? I like Favre but I actually think he'll struggle at BvB or Arsenal if he goes to either as both clubs for me are in a tricky position of needing success pretty quickly...I like his style but Arsenal and Dortmund need substance so I would rather see Coaches that are used to winning things? Laurent Blanc, Jogi Loew, Diego Simeone????? The latter might be a gamble perhaps??

    I do like the sound of giving Vieira getting a chance though... the next man needs to give the fans a real lift and I think an appointment like that will... Perhaps he's not ready, perhaps he'll never be good enough but without throwing him in the fire you'll never know....

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