Trying to find decent value in Spain 🇪🇸 and Italy 🇮🇹

  • Happy with my EPL, Bundesliga, and Ligue1 holds but struggling lads if I’m honest in La Liga and Serie A.

    I want to have a port that keeps me interested in loads of games and my ultimate aim is to have 5 players from each league. Nothing really jumping out at me at all. I’m in the <£1 or ideally £1 - £2 market but just struggling after doing a ton of research I just can’t seem to find what I’m looking for.

    Anyone else feeling the same way? how did you decide if you are in those leagues?


  • @Palmwa43 Are you looking for PB, cap app or youth prospects? Have you any issues holding players 30 or older? Just tryna figure out what kinda player you’re after

  • @Gregolocky thanks for the reply mate, I’m probably at those prices looking for cap app, anything else along the way is a bonus. Don’t mind the age if there is value over next 12-18m.

  • @Palmwa43 These players are from my watchlist so I don’t own but probably would if I had cash available. All players bout £1.80 - £2.

    🇮🇹 Domenico Berardi - Sassoulo scores high on the PB matrix and could have a move to a bigger Italian club in him
    🇪🇸 Samuel Chukwueze - Villarreal has been linked to the prem, if that happens he should grow
    🇪🇸 Ander Barrentxea - Real Sociedad very good young player just breaking through this season, I think he’s a talent
    🇮🇹 one that could explode is Sergei Milinkovic-Savic if he moves to PSG which he’s been heavily linked with

  • Seen as you invited sub £1 selections...

    My new favourite player is Kevin Lasagna (40p). Bought via ME on the night of a brace. Since added another goal and unlucky not to win PB one night (Inexplicably hauled off at half-time when 1-0 up having scored!). Got what, 8 league games left? Aged 27 with 4 Italy caps. If you buy via ME and get 2/3 goals that’s 10% or more maybe after div announcement. Plays for Udinese.

    Also Karol Linetty (46p). Polish international (24 caps) so hopefully grace the Euros. Another player bought off the back of two goals/assists one night (So 4% already). Plays for Sampdoria.

    Lasagna’s teammate goalkeeper Juan Musso (28p) with links to Inter/Chelsea and 8 possible clean sheets if a gloveman takes your fancy! Recently capped by Argentina.

    I’m not claiming that they’re world beaters or going to come into fashion but if you want involvement then there’s plenty of IPD opportunity and if they do sneak PB you’re halfway there. Both internationals.

    I won’t recommend my other Italian holds who to date have contributed nothing!

  • @Gregolocky thank you mate, some food for thought there. Berardi is a strange one. Is he emotionally tied to Sassoulo ? Just amazed he’s not had a big move yet.
    Been aware of him when he first broke through as a youngster but ruled him out more about who he’s playing for more than anything, like you say if he gets a move it could be interesting but does he want to move?

    Was looking at oyzraybel (or something similar to that spelling) lol seems he’s publicly stated he’s happy at RS but just above what I wanted to spend. Any views on him mate?

  • @PaulM thanks Paul some nice sub £1 ideas there that I’d not considered 👍🏻

  • A little bit more expensive is Sandro Tonali from Brescia. He’s a 20 yr old Pirlo type midfielder. He’s going to get a big move this summer as Brescia will probably go down and he destined for a top Seria A club. From my research it looks like he gets plenty of the ball in midfield and has solid base scores.

    Another name ive seen mentioned quite a bit is Szoboszlai for Red Bull Salzburg strongly linked to AC Milan.

  • La Liga I would be looking for Barca or RM players predominantly. Off the top of my head Varane, Ramos, Semedo, Roberto, Suarez?.

    In Seria A I would be looking at Juventus and Atalanta players. Cuadrado, Bonucci?, Castagne, Gomez to name a few.

    The majority of the Atalanta squad is old, cheap but score for fun and have CL games to come. Some good cheap internationals to choose from.

    All should be available via ME.

    Good luck 👍

  • In my research into the lower end market in Italy/Spain, I found a lot of teams had players without bids! FI said they'll do something to greatly reduce the number. Let's hope so.

    La Liga:
    Haddadi (MF) - £1.13, has won PB.
    Inaki Williams (F) - 83p, has won PB.
    Morlanes (MF) - 51p, 21 years. Game suited to potentially win PB.

    Serie A:
    Barella (MF) - £1.35. High PB score average. Will win PB one day.
    Hateboer (Def) - 54p, has won PB.

  • @jimmyb1700 Great player but he's nothing like Pirlo. Completely different type of midfielder.

  • @Palmwa43 He is not bad as a hold, been holding all season tbh he has been a bit disappointing on the dividends front but as a long term hold he will be ok. technically as a player i would say he is the best out of the Sociadad front 3, but as a three, when you watch them play, they are super reliant on odegaard and merino giving them good supply, the fact that those two have been having right stinkers lately it has not helped his cause. But you look at the sociadad frontline of him, willan jose and portu and out of the 3 in my opinion oyarzabal is the one that seems to be able to make stuff happen and change a game. Sooner or later (hopefully in the next 2 years) that is going to get noticed and he will get a transfer to a bigger club, but i don't see it this off season. But until then i think he is pretty much nailed on as the left side of Spain's front 3 in the euros, which will be a nice shop window for him.

    I guess the short answer is that, i am happy with what i have at the moment so not looking to buy, but at the same time there is no way i want to sell what i got either, happy just to ride it out and let the market come to him, i believe it will just not sure exactly when.

  • I'll second Haddadi, already won 25p of divs this season, he's cheap and still pretty young! Sevilla also have a good chance of CL next season as well 😀

  • @Palmwa43 bernardeschi plays for juve in attacking positions and is 90p or so and 26 so a good hold I think. I also have santi Mina who is at celta Vigo, good price of 60p for a 22/23yr old forward from Valencia. In defence I have Toni lato who’s on loan at osasuna from Valencia, all decent prospects in my opinion and at a good price point. Disclaimer - I have x100 of each of these players and they are part of my diversified portfolio of 145players

    Top holds = Sancho, Haaland, Bellingham, Jovic, Boadu

  • @Marksandygill A number of Sevilla players are good options and still in the EL as well. Munir has been excellent, Ocampos a good option at £1.34, penalty taker, won PB twice since return and may have a transfer in him this summer as well, depending on whether Sevilla need the money as has been reported.

  • Gaston Ramirez should be at the top of just about everyones list for value. He returned 40p worth of divs this season and has a price tag of just 52p. With a PB increase incoming and he's set to take more penalties going forward... he could easily return 100% in PB next season.

  • As mentioned El Haddadi is a great cheap hold. A few I hold that I think have got a great chance of big capp app are Kluivert, Zaniolo and Demiral and the last two I think will have great PB pedigree and both coming back from big injury. All 3 should be at the Euros.
    A more premium option in La liga is Rodrygo at Real but at 19 has showed he has massive PB potential, if he gets more game time and performs he will🚀. I'm hoping he goes on loan next season, theres been talk of possibly Dortmund which would be amazing!

  • @Splurger_Dan what do you think Zidane will do next season regards forwards? Benzema will be 33 in Dec, Bale is surely gone, Hazard can't stay fit and Jovic is a busted flush! That leaves Rodrygo and Vinicius, do you reckon they'll sign someone else?

  • Some great responses and insights here that will make me agonise for another 24 hours 😂
    Thanks all I really appreciate your input.

  • @jimmyb1700 love a Tonali in my career mode 😉 but I’m just not sure about the price on him at the moment. I need to watch a few more of his games I think. He’s in a really poor side and I’d expect him to be shining week in, week out for that price.

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