Underwhelmed but not concerned.

  • So the big day has come, but the bride arrived drunk and stumbled a bit down the aisle. Still, we've been together a while and I know she’s the one so I’m not looking for a quick exit. I know after the event she will take stock, feel a little ashamed and rectify the mistake with a ‘special reward’ sometime in the near future.

    Think that sums up today!

    Serious note now, dividend increase not as much as I had hoped and disappointed not to be on GKs! However, plenty of value in consistent Pb performers now like Bruno Neymar et al. and scope for future reviews of Media when they finally change the matrix for it!

  • Still fucked off with the bride after the amount I spent on the wedding.

    Bitch. 😂

  • @Mr-Fuzzman 😂😂 too true

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